Plant Something Day is June 7

PlantSomething_WEBPut down some roots and grow something special.

It’s time to get into the garden and get busy Colorado. PlantSomething Day is June 7th! So plant something colorful or cool, large or small. Plant Something Colorado has the tips, to-dos and deals to help you do it all!

Special coupons are redeemable at Fort Collins Nursery May 10 – June 7!

  • May 10 – May 16 – Take 20% off any perennial in a 4” or larger pot, limit purchase to six
  • May 17 – May 23 – Take $10 off any tree regularly priced at $89 or more
  • May 24 – May 30 – Take 20% off any size herb and tomato plant; limit purchase to six.
  • May 31 – June 6 – Take 20% off ornamental grass containers 6” or larger
  • June 7 – Take 20% off ornamental grass containers 6” or larger


Flood 2013 update

by Heather Chappell

This bumper sticker has taken on a whole new meaning!

This bumper sticker has taken on a whole new meaning!

The water has receded and we have been able to get in, assess the damage, begin clean-up and ultimately, open for business. We have received so many phone calls and emails from concerned customers, checking in on us to make sure we are here and to inquire into the well-being of our staff. We can’t thank you enough for your support and well wishes. Our staff have experienced varying degrees of trouble related to the flood, but ALL are well, and that is what we care about most!

Our story started with a crawfish! One lonely crawfish made its way from the creek, about 30 feet, to the back door of our potting shed on Thursday morning, September 12th, 2013. Looking back now the little mud-bug seemed to be making the effort to sound the call for us. Our Production Manager, Brendan Anderson, found the creature and returned him to the creek, wondering, “What does he know that I don’t?” Turns out, a lot! By mid-morning on Thursday Dry Creek, that runs through our property, had risen quite a bit and by mid-afternoon the Poudre River, that we back up to, was running extremely high, fast and muddy. There appeared to be a lot of debris from the fires washing down the river at that time. We decided to move as much heavy material from the back of our property onto higher ground to avoid it getting carried out into the river, causing possible blockages to the bridge at Timberline and bigger issues for our neighbors along Mulberry and the town as a whole, should the flooding take place. We moved plants and benches away from the bridges, put electronics up on desks and tables in our offices and then our owner, Jesse Eastman, made the call, “that’s it now, everyone needs to get your things and get home to safety, we have done all that we can.”

Friday morning brought the news that we were flooded and that the nursery could not open. Jesse made it out here and took pictures, which he posted to our Facebook page. We were heart sick to see the damage, knowing the only thing to do was to wait.

By Saturday we were able to get in to the nursery. We roped off areas, opened for business and got busy cleaning up. Saturday was spent helping customers who came by, assessing the damage, moving more plants out of harm’s way, cleaning up areas we could get to and preparing for round two, should the flood waters rise again. We made a makeshift lunchroom in our classroom area as the employee lunchroom was flooded.

Sunday dawned with…. MORE RAIN! Jesse decided that given the ongoing flood risk and poor conditions, we would be closed on Sunday.

Thank you to our customers for keeping us going!

Thank you to our customers for keeping us going!

The rain began to slow, Monday came, and with it eventually sunshine. We brought in equipment and materials to begin filling in and re-grading areas that were swept away and begin putting order back to the nursery. As of this post, we still have areas closed off to the public and cannot predict how long it will take to have all areas re-opened. Although some areas are not open to the public, plants are still accessible to employees and we have many trees, shrubs and plants that are accessible to the public.

Finally, we want to acknowledge the unwavering fortitude and strength of our staff! Without their commitment and love for the nursery, we would not be where we are, only 2 days out from the flooding. They have worked tirelessly, both day and night, throughout these trying days to take care of areas that could be reached and get the nursery back to the place that you have come to love as well.

Thank you all so much for the offers of help and support. The best thing you can do for us right now is to come out to see us and shop with us. We are here, we are open and as always we are committed to serving you and helping you green up your life!









Dry creek flooding between the bridges.

Dry creek flooding between the bridges.

Dry Creek between the bridges after the flooding.

Dry Creek between the bridges after the flooding.

During the flooding, high water over the perennial bridge.

During the flooding, high water over the perennial bridge.

After the flooding, low water and destruction around the perennial bridge.

After the flooding, low water and destruction around the perennial bridge.

Plant Mob takes over Old Town Square!

In case you weren’t one of the lucky folks who happened to be enjoying a beautiful Sunday morning in Old Town Square, here’s what you missed:

Fort Collins Nursery Take Third Place in Lucky Joe’s St. Patrick’s Day Parade

After hours of grueling Drill Team practice and intensive waving and smiling workout sessions, Fort Collins Nursery’s 2012 entry into the St. Patrick’s Day Parade was awarded third place out of over 90 entries!

Congratulations to all the participating floats, and thanks to the thousands of you who came out to see us. We had an awesome time!


Among more than 90 entries:

» First place/best overall: Poudre River Public Library
» Second place (tie): Rocky Mountain “Golden Girls” Baton Academy
» Second place (tie): The Cheer and Dance Connection
» Third place: Fort Collins Nursery
» Honorable mention: Fort Collins Musician’s Association

Annual evaluation at CSU trial gardens

Fort Collins Nursery’s Greenhouse Manager and Buyer Troy Cobb participated Aug. 1, 2011, in the annual evaluation of the Colorado State University Annual Flower Trial Gardens.

Troy and other nursery professionals come together once a year to rate new varieties of plants for performance in our unique growing conditions. Look for many of these annuals next spring in our greenhouse!

The trial gardens are free and open to the public. Visit from late May to October at the northeast corner of College Avenue and Lake Street, across from CSU campus.

The Fort Collins Coloradoan interviewed Troy Cobb and James Klett, CSU Horticulture Department (who has taught at Fort Collins Nursery’s Winter Workshops).

Tuesday Show on KRFC

At 5:30 p.m. on  Tues., April 19, 2011, owner and general manager Jesse Eastman was a guest on The Tuesday Show on KRFC, 88.9 fm.

Jesse shared tips and tricks for home owners who are just starting out or trying something new in their own backyard. Tune in!

The Tuesday Show with Janet McNulty, Lindsay Woods, Nancy Gray and Susan Kerr, shares important information for home owners and building professionals.

Past topics have included: Xeriscaping, finding a remodeler, creative garage organization, energy efficiency and more.

Fort Collins Nursery is a proud supporter of KRFC. Tune in at 88.9 fm!



Bringing the Outdoors In

Chances are, you have experienced or will experience stress in your life. Juggling class and work schedules, managing money, and battling homesickness can all take their toll on students’ mental health.

Flowering plants like the hibiscus can brighten up a dull space, according to Bonnie McBride, CSU alumna and assistant greenhouse supervisor at Fort Collins Nursery. Hibiscus can bloom during any season when grown indoors. […]

Bonnie McBride, CSU alumna and Assistant Greenhouse Supervisor for Fort Collins Nursery, shared her love of indoor gardening with College Avenue magazine, a publication of Rocky Mountain Student Media. Bonnie shared tips for choosing and maintaining houseplants for small spaces, light conditions and common mistakes.

Hold Off Spring Fever

The itch to start planting my garden has now grown from an almost imperceptible tickle to a full-blown case of Spring Fever. I desperately want to see my tomatoes start growing and enjoy the sweet fragrance of roses outside my front door. However, living in Colorful Colorado is a double-edged sword in terms of satisfying my urge to garden. […]

Read more from Fort Collins Nursery’s General Manager Jesse Eastman’s column in f.s. life, a Colorado State University publication for faculty and staff.