What’s New at the Nursery

Organic Veggie Starts

OrganicVeggieStarts_NLThe time to plant your warm season veggie starts is rapidly approaching and Fort Collins Nursery is your source for the best veggies and herbs! Come in soon to check out our Hardy Boy Organics tomatoes, tomatillos, peppers, artichokes, eggplant, cucumbers, squash, strawberries, watermelon pumpkins and more. Hardy Boy Organics are locally grown by Welby Gardens in Denver and are 100% USDA certified organic.  Keep in mind the average last frost date in Fort Collins is May 10-15.  Many vegetables will not tolerate frost or freezing temperatures.


TomatoStarts_NLThe tomato is one of America’s favorite veggies to grow and is perhaps the most iconic symbol of the summer vegetable garden. The vines are relatively easy to grow and the plants yield a bountiful harvest of  juicy, red fruits with proper care and attention. We have dozens of tomato varieties for you to try at home, ranging from the traditional to the exotic. The following varieties were diligently grown for you by our talented production team and recommended by our knowledgeable staff:

Black Cherry (Indeterminate)


  • Features: High yields of 1” fruits, which are almost black in color. These tomatoes have a complex, rich, sweet flavor. Great in salads, veggie trays, or eaten right off the vine.
  • Water: Prefers moist, well drained soil.
  • Sun: Plant in full sun.



Better Bush (Determinate)


  • Features: Matures in 68 days. 4”, deep red tomatoes with a sweet juicy consistency and an old-fashioned flavor. Small 4 foot plants rarely need staking. Ideal in large containers or for gardens with limited space.
  • Water: Prefers moist, well drained soil.
  • Sun: Plant in full sun.



Fiaschetto di  Manduria (Determinate)


  • Size: 3-4 ft.
  • Features: Matures in 65 days. Vigorous plant and heavy producer of deep red plum shaped paste tomatoes. Does well in dry conditions. Great for sauce, juice and canning.
  • Water: Prefers moist, well drained soil.
  • Sun: Plant in full sun.



San Marzano Redorta (Indeterminate)


  • Size: 2-3 times the size of regular san marzanos.
  • Features: Matures in 80 days. Heavy producer of large (9-12 oz) meaty, plum tomatoes. Fantastic paste tomato with better flavor than its cousin, San Marzano. Italian heirloom that is great for sauces.
  • Water: Prefers moist, well drained soil.
  • Sun:  Plant in full sun.

Shrub Roses

ShrubRoses_NLLooking for a hardy shrub for your landscape that needs little to no maintenance? Our beautiful shrub roses will make great additions to your garden. Shrub roses take the best traits from the hardiest rose species and combine them with modern repeat blooming and diverse flower forms, colors, and fragrances. There are many varieties, varying in height and width of spread. Shrub roses will bloom all season and June is the perfect time to plant.

Here are some great varieties to check out next time you visit us:

Sunrise Sunset


  • Height: 2-3 ft.
  • Width: 4 ft.
  • Traits: A stunning blend, with bright fuchsia pink petals, blending to apricot near the centers. Blue-green foliage is disease resistant on this ever blooming shrub rose. It’s dense, spreading habit makes it an ideal ground cover.
  • Water: Moderate
  • Bloom: Pink/Red
  • Zones: 3/Hardy

Morden Sunrise


  • Height: 2-3 ft.
  • Width: 2-3 ft.
  • Traits: A Parkland series rose with creamy orange-yellow buds that open to slightly wavy petals accented by orange stamens.  The color matures from dark orange over a yellow base to light orange, then finishing creamy white-yellow.  Very hardy with good disease resistance.
  • Water: Moderate
  • Bloom: Apricot
  • Zones: 3

Winnipeg Parks


  • Height: 3-4 ft.
  • Width: 3-4 ft.
  • Traits: One of the toughest Parkland Series roses available. Flowers are produced in clusters on a low-growing, compact plant. Attractive foliage has a reddish color to the new growth. Beautiful and large cherry red-pink blossoms turn to large red hips that add a bright statement to the garden in the fall.
  • Water: Moderate
  • Bloom: Hot Pinkish-Cherry Red
  • Zones: 3

Hanging Baskets

HangingBaskets_NLBe sure to stop in and check out our beautiful selection of hanging annual baskets and patio pots. These colorful, decorative pieces turn any patio into a relaxing oasis and help to utilize all available growing space. Hanging baskets come loaded with several varieties of annuals including hibiscus, mandevilla, laguna, verbena and geraniums. Our hanging baskets are a featured Garden Club Special from now through May 11 and are priced at 20% off for all GCS members. If you are not already a Garden Club Member, it is free, quick and easy to sign up. Stop in this week and pick one up for Mom!


Perennials_NLOver the past several weeks, our staff has been hard at work bringing perennials out of their winter slumber and onto the nursery grounds.  Many of these were grown right here at Fort Collins Nursery by our amazing production team.  Our perennials have been overwintered and ready for you to take home and plant safely, regardless of our quirky spring weather.  Two perennials that we are particularly excited about this year are the Riding Hood Red Penstemon and the Phenomenal Lavender.  Come in April 1-3rd and check these out along with hundreds of other beautiful perennial varieties at our Perennial Palooza 50% off sale.


RidingHoodRedPenstemon_2_NLRiding Hood Red Penstemon

The Riding Hood Red Penstemon, developed by Pacific Plug and Liner, has created a buzz among many nurseries and growers and was a 2010 “Top Performer” Perennial at the CSU Trial Gardens.

Height: 24-30 in.

Width: 18-24 in.

Traits: Flowers of long blooming pure red trumpets attract hummingbirds to your garden.  Great for hot, dry sites.  Use in a border or a container.  Features a long blooming season.

Water: Moderate to low

Bloom: Summer

Zone: 5-8


PhenomenalLavender_NLPhenomenal Lavender

Height: 24-32 in. 

Width: 24-32 in.

Traits: Introduced in 2012 ‘Phenomenal’ is one of the hardiest lavenders to date. It has exceptional winter survival as it does not have the winter die back common with other, older varieties. The uniform growth habit, elegant flower presentation and fragrance, perfect for fresh or dried arrangements and oil uses.

Water: moderate to low

Bloom: Lavender/Late Spring

Zones: 5

Rock Garden/ Alpine Plants

RockGarden_NLRock Gardens are a great way to add a rugged, natural look to your garden and landscape and usually require little to no maintenance.  Next time you’re at the nursery, be sure to check out our rock garden display and our great selection of alpine plants.  Varieties like columbine, penstemon, saxifrage, and phlox are well suited for growing in rocky and low fertility soil.  Here are several local favorites worth considering:


RubyMuhly_NLUNDAUNTED ® Ruby Muhly Grass

(Muhlenbergia reverchonii)

2003 Plant Select

Height:  15-30” 

Width:  18-24”

Traits: From Lauren and Scott Ogden and recommended by Plant Select, we bring you this very showy, finely textured grass with bright reddish-pink seed heads.  In winter the grass and seed spikes turn a lovely tawny brown.  Highly resistant to browsing deer, tolerates heavy clay.

Water: Moderate-Low

Bloom: Late Summer

Zones: 5-10


YellowStardust_NLYellow Stardust Draba

(Draba rigida)

2016 Plant Select

Height:  2-3”  

Spacing: 6-10”

Traits: Tight mounds of green cushions and bright yellow starry flowers.  This true miniature will thrive if given a few rocks to nestle up to.  For rock gardens or containers.

Water: Moderate to xeric

Blooms: Spring

Zones:  4 – 8


ScottsSugarbowls_NLScott’s Sugarbowls Clematis

(Clematis scottii)

2013 Plant Select

Height:  8-15”

Width:  12-18”

Traits: Long-blooming Scott’s sugarbowls make a mound of blue-green, lacy foliage, topped in late spring and early dummer by large, nodding blue flowers.  Shimmering golden seed heads follow suit.

Water:  Moderate to dry

Blooms:  May-July

Zones:  4-7

Bloem BAGZ

BloemBAGZ_NLBloem BAGZ are a fun alternative to traditional container planting.  These light weight bags come in a variety of sizes and styles that are perfect for growing potatoes, strawberries, herbs, flowers and veggies.  The Classic style planter is a great substitute for a traditional pot and there are also options for rail planters and raised beds.  Each bag is made with a double layered, breathable fabric which allows air to reach the roots and promote fibrous root growth.  Bloem BAGZ are perfect for those living in small spaces or anyone looking for a new and creative way to grow.



Portable– Stitched, durable handle for easy relocation

Green– Made from recycled water bottles

Quality– Double walled construction

Colorful–  Available in a variety of Bloems most popular colors.

Trees & Shrubs

Spring is on the horizon and we know how excited you are about getting started on your lawns and gardens. We share in your enthusiasm and encourage you to get things started by thinking big… As in TREE Big! Our staff is hard at work this month, filling up our lot with hundreds of new trees arriving throughout the month.  We have many great varieties to choose from but here are a few suggestions to get you started:


RoyalRaindrops_NLRoyal Raindrops Crabapple

Traits: An exciting new crabapple with bright pink to red flowers and deep purple cut leaf foliage. Small persistent fruits provide winter interest.  An upright form and good branching lend to a lovely vase shape as it matures.  Excellent resistance to scab, rust, and fire blight!!

Height: 20-25 ft.

Width: 20-25 ft.

Water: Moderate

Bloom: Bright Pink/Spring

Zones: 4


HoneycrispApple_NLHoneycrisp Apple

Traits: This introduction from University of Minnesota is a moderately vigorous tree that produces sweet, crisp and juicy apples. Fruit ripens evenly, by late September and holds well on the tree, so you can harvest over an extended period of time. Fruit stores very well up to five months.

Height: 12-16 ft.

Width:  12-16 ft.

Water:  Moderate

Bloom:  Mid Spring

Zones:  4-7



Traits: Yellowwood leaves unfurl a bright yellowish green and darken to medium green in summer. Long panicles of pea-like, fragrant white flowers appear among the small, rounded compound leaves in early summer. Foliage turns golden yellow in autumn. Upright arching branches give an elm-like, vase shape to this refined shade tree. Its open, spreading canopy and deep roots make this North American native tree a good shade tree choice for landscapes where it is important to be able to plant beneath its canopy. Smooth light gray bark is similar to that of American Beech and enhances the tree’s graceful winter silhouette. Though uncommon in the wild, Yellowwood has proven adaptable under cultivation and in city settings, tolerating high pH as well as acid soils.

Height: 30 ft.

Width: 40 ft.

Bloom: White, in long clusters/ Spring

Fall Color: Brilliant yellow

Zone: 4


BushCherry_NLRomeo Bush Cherry

Traits: This new introduction was under development for nearly fifty years and due its small size it is perfect for the home garden. Developed at the University of Saskatchewan this very cold hardy, naturally dwarf tree produces abundant, dark red, almost black fruits that are great for baking and making juice. Self-Fertile.

Height: 9-12 ft.

Width: 7-10 ft.

Water: moderate

Bloom: White/Spring

Zone: 2b

Cool Season Veggies & Herbs


For those of us who didn’t quite get around to starting our garden seeds over the winter months, help is on the way. Our first shipment of cool season veggie starts have arrived and are ready for you to take home.  Broccoli, cauliflower and cabbage are currently in stock with more arrivals expected through the month.

Over the past couple of weeks, many of you have been inquiring about herbs as well. We are pleased to announce that a new shipment has arrived with many of your favorites including basil, cilantro, oregano, chives and parsley.

Stop in to check out all of our greenhouse plants and let us know if there is something specific  you are looking for.  Our knowledgeable staff will be happy to answer any questions you may have about Spring planting.

LECHUZA® Self-watering Planters

LECHUZA_NLNew to Fort Collins Nursery this month are LECHUZA® self-watering planters.  Each planter is designed with the LECHUZA sub-irrigation system that ensures your plants receive the exact amount of water they need for optimal growth and features the following components:

Water level indicator- Takes the guesswork out of watering

Water supply shaft- Makes adding water and liquid fertilizer easy

LECHUZA-PON- Inorganic plant substrate perfectly controls the water supply

Separator- Forms the water reservoir in the bottom of the planter

Drain plug- Can be removed when using outdoors