What’s New at the Nursery

Warm Season Vegetables

VeggieStarts2It’s that glorious, wonderful time of year again.   Time to get your warm season veggie crops planted for optimal yield!  Fort Collins Nursery is your source for the greatest selection of veggies and herbs including peppers, melons, pumpkins, cucumbers, beans, squash, and dozens of tomato varieties ranging from the traditional to the exotic.

One of our new additions to the nursery this season is the early (65 – 70 days) beautiful Pink Berkeley Tie Dye Tomato.  This variety is a beautiful port wine color, with metallic green “tie dye” stripes throughout the skin. PBTD is a beefsteak sized tomato (8-12 oz) with an excellent rich, sweet flavor, and a high production rate. In a blind farmers market taste test, most people preferred this variety to the classic Cherokee Purple tomato.  We started this variety from seed here at FCN, and look forward to providing you with a new favorite this season!

Greenhouse Stock Rising

GreenhousePlantsOver the past several weeks we have packed our greenhouse with tons of new inventory.  Here are some noteworthy varieties for you to check out next time you visit us:

Banana trees (although they are technically giant herbs!) do very well as ornamental potted plants outside here in Colorado, and can live indoors as houseplants through the cold months.  If you don’t want to move them indoors, the leaves themselves are excellent as mulch.   In the tropics they are even used to wrap up food and as plates, which would certainly be an interesting accessory to picnics and barbecues.

Comfrey is one of the most versatile plants that could be added to any garden.  Its roots reach 8-10 feet into the earth and draw out hard to reach minerals and store them.   It grows quickly, and the nutrient rich leaves can be turned into a potent fertilizer, mixed directly into the soil, used a layer of mulch, or to greatly speed up the activation of compost.   Comfrey also contains the chemical allantoin, which speeds up cell formation and is responsible for its nickname, “knitbone.”  For the specific medicinal uses (and there are many!) we urge you to contact your favorite apothecary.

One of our favorites is the carnivorous and exotic Pitcher Plant.    It attracts insects with its alluring visual lures and sweet smelling nectar, and then drowns them and slowly dissolves them.  This truly unique houseplant is a lovely conversation piece for any well-lit room in your home.


EarthBoxShort on gardening space or looking for an alternative method for growing your veggies?  The EarthBox container gardening system is an easy-to-use, low-maintenance, high-tech growing system that controls soil conditions, eliminates guesswork, and guarantees bountiful yields.  The EarthBox is suitable for growing herbs, vegetables, fruits, and flowers.  It’s compact size allows you to conserve space while increasing your normal yield.  Learn more about this great product from our expert staff next time you visit Fort Collins Nursery!

Veggie Starts

VeggieStartsWe have many veggie starts in stock and ready for your garden.  Now is a perfect time to plant your cold season crops like lettuce, cabbage, spinach, broccoli, chard and kale.  You will find warm season starts like tomatoes and peppers in our greenhouse.  Be sure to check back throughout the month of April for new arrivals!

Rock Garden & Alpine Plants

AlpinePlantsNext time you’re at the nursery, be sure to check out our rock garden display and our great selection of alpine plants.  Varieties like columbine, penstemon, saxifrage, and phlox are well suited for growing in rocky and low fertility soil.  Rock Gardens are a great way to add a rugged, natural look to your garden and landscape and usually require little to no maintenance.  Find the perfect plants for your rock garden today!


PotteryFort Collins Nursery has a huge selection of indoor and outdoor pottery available throughout the year.  With many choices in shape, size, color, and design style, there is something to suit every one of your needs.  Whether you’re looking for something large for your patio arrangements and displays or a permanent home for your new houseplant, we’ve got you covered.

Weeks Bare-root Roses

WeeksRosesWeeks Roses
is one of the largest commercial rose growers in the United States, offering a unique, broad selection of popular & unusual roses since 1938.  For each rose variety, they select the propagation method that ensures maximum plant performance, hardiness and blooming in your garden.  Fort Collins Nursery carries a wide selection of Weeks’ high-grade, bare root, potted roses as an early season option for hybrid tea and crafted roses.


Insect Houses/ Pollinators


Fort Collins Nursery has a wide variety of supplies to help attract insects that are beneficial to your garden.  Pollinators like bees and butterflies fertilize our flowers and help them bloom, while pest-eating ladybugs and lacewings rid your garden of unwanted guests.  Insect houses are decorative as well as functional and provide a great habitat and nesting spot for our little friends.   Wildflower mix seeds will yield beautiful, nectar and pollen rich annuals and perennials to entice bees and butterflies.  Honey Bee and Lady Bug Attractant will help lure these insects and keep them in your garden.  Find all these supplies and more at Fort Collins Nursery.

Barebones Tools

Barebones-ToolsBarebones is a fascinating, socially conscious company with a mission to supply the bare necessities for living – food, water, shelter, and power – in the most efficient and independent way possible to any location around the world.  Fort Collins Nursery now has a variety of Barebones hand garden tools in stock. Be on the lookout for additional items to arrive throughout the month of February.  These sleek and durable products provide the foundation to get your own sustainable garden up and running.

Design Toscano Resin Statues

Resin-StatuesBe sure to stop by Fort Collins Nursery and check out our great new selection of resin statuary from Design Toscano.  Resin statues are a cost-effective way to liven up your home and garden décor while adding charm, class, whimsy, or humor to your space.  Their polyresin composition makes them light weight and easy to move and the cast molds produce highly defined detail.   With a wide variety of design themes including animals, gnomes, angels, and mythical creatures, there is something to fit almost any style.