What’s New at the Nursery

Mums & Asters

MumsLooking for a blast of color this autumn? Add colorful chrysanthemums and brilliant asters to your flower bed or fall container garden!  Choose from a huge range of varieties of these prolific, hardy and beautifully bushy perennials grown here at Fort Collins Nursery.

Mums come in a wide variety of colors including yellow, pink, magenta, red, lavender, and more.  Blooms on mums typically last for weeks providing a late-summer boost when other flowers have given out.  Bonus: did you know that mums’ flowers are edible?

Fort Collins Nursery also offers a great selection of colorful asters, another hardy late-summer and autumn bloomer.  Small, abundant, star-shaped flowers tower on 2-3 foot plants, providing a nice backdrop in perennial beds, and available in shades of purple, blue, and red.

Both mums and asters appreciate full sun, and a good dose of compost when planted. They also prefer to be watered at their base, as overhead watering encourages powdery mildew.


HouseplantsOver the course of the summer season, thousands of veggie starters have left the nursery and found new homes all along the Northern Front Range.  Our greenhouse has filled the void by adding loads of new houseplants from California and Florida over the past couple of weeks.  With this massive selection, we have houseplants to fit all your needs.  We have low-water succulents and high-humidity loving ferns.  We have carnivorous plants, indoor trees, and hanging plants. What kind of houseplant are you looking for? We have them all!


You’ll find tiny 2 inch miniature African Violets, a 9 foot Amstel King Braid Ficus and every shape and size in between.


Do you have a dark space or room without windows?  Try one of many varieties of Philodendron that thrive in low light.  Do you have a big, bright, sun filled room?  A citrus tree will soak in the sun while providing you with intoxicating fragrance and delicious fruit.


For a more traditional look, go with an Orchid or a Peace Lily.  For something with Dr. Seuss-like whimsy, check out the puffy, velvety-red flowers of the Cleosia.


We have more than 50 shades of green, but if you’re looking for more pop try a Croton with bright yellow, orange, red and green leaves.   Perhaps a Cordyline with dark burgundy red leaves and pink hues will better fit your room’s color palette.

Keep It Cool w/ Patio Fountains and Misters

Fountain2As summer heats up, Fort Collins Nursery has a great selection of patio fountains and misters to help cool you down.

Patio Fountains

The calming sound of running water creates a peaceful environment, reduces stress, and can block out unwanted background noises.  The running water can also cool down your garden, making your outdoor living experience more enjoyable.  As water evaporates into the air, the humidity levels increase and helps sooth your skin.

We have a large variety of Al’s Garden Art brand fountains in stock that are as aesthetically pleasing as they are relaxing.  Since 1949, the Al’s Garden Art brand is renowned for its designs of authentic, handcrafted and finished water features and garden art.

Have an old fountain in need of new life?  Our Pond Boss fountain pump replacements will get that water flowing again.  Each pump is designed with an optimum pumping height in mind and built for efficient and long lasting use.

Cobra Mist Stands

Our Cobra portable mist cooling stands from Orbit are a cool product and a must have for summer.  This freestanding mister attaches to any standard garden hose and provides localized mist cooling.  Cobra mist stands are perfect for sunbathing, working in the yard, watering plants, or for cooling you down while you enjoy a late afternoon cocktail on the patio.


Hydrangeal_NLFort Collins Nursery has a great selection of Hydrangeas that vary in plant size, flower size, flower color, and bloom time.  Hydrangeas thrive in a moist, fertile, well-drained soil in partial to full shade.  With a long flowering cycle, you will enjoy beautiful color from late spring though fall.  Whatever your personal preference, hydrangeas are a must have for every garden.

Little Lime Hydrangea

A dwarf form of the popular ‘Limelight’ that sports the same stunning flowers, but in a smaller package.  Attractive green flowers in summer will turn pink in the fall.  This variety is perfect for a shade garden and prefers moist, rich soil. It will grow to 3-4 ft. tall and 4-5 ft. wide.

Vanilla Strawberry Hydrangea

The enormous blooms on this new introduction Hydrangea are a triple-dipped threat for your garden as the flowers change color three times as they bloom.  Starting out creamy vanilla white, then soft pink and finally to  a ripe strawberry red.  Vanilla Strawberry Hydrangea grow to 6-7 ft. tall and 5-6 ft. wide and bloom late summer through fall.

Annabelle Hydrangea

The Annabelle Hydrangea is a dense growing shrub with large green leaves and large snow white, glove shaped flower clusters in June through August.  Usually Annabelle wakes up in early summer and not spring, so be sure to give this plant time.  This variety performs best in some shade and prefers rich soil.  It will grow to 4-5 ft. tall and 4-6 ft. wide.


Sweet Cherry Pie Cherry Tree

SweetCherryPieSweet Cherry Pie is a new variety cherry tree with large cherries that are sweeter than most other sour cherry varieties.  Although perhaps a little tart for fresh eating, its cherries are a fantastic choice for jams, jellies, and baking.  With a relatively compact growing size of 15 feet high and 12 feet wide, this tree is perfect for a home garden or small orchard.  This is our hardiest variety of cherry tree in stock and does great within our region.  Sweet Cherry Pie is self-fruitful so you don’t need a second tree to get fruit.  These trees flower in May and the fruit ripens in mid-July.  Ask our friendly sales staff to show you this great tree next time you stop by Fort Collins Nursery.

Shrub Roses

ShrubRosesLooking for a hardy shrub for your landscaping that needs little to no maintenance?  Our huge selection of shrub roses offer great additions to your garden.  Shrub roses take the best traits from the hardiest rose species and combine them with modern repeat blooming and diverse flower forms, colors, and fragrances.  There are many varieties, varying in height and width of spread.  Shrub roses will bloom all season and June is the perfect time to plant.

Here are some great varieties to check out next time you visit us:

Morden Sunrise is a Parkland Series rose with creamy orange-yellow buds that open to slightly wavy petals accented by orange stamens.  The color matures from dark orange over a yellow base to light orange, then finishing creamy white-yellow.  Morden Sunrise are very hardy and disease resistant.  They will grow 2-3’ tall with a 2-3’ width.

Winnipeg Parks shrub rose is one of the toughest Parkland Series roses available.  Flowers are produced in clusters on a low-growing, compact plant.  Winnipeg Parks have attractive foliage with a reddish color to the new growth.  Beautiful large cherry red-pink blossoms turn to large red hips that brighten your garden in the fall.  They will grow 3-4’ tall with a 3-4’ width.


PumpkinsFor those of you not quite looking ahead to fall, here’s a friendly reminder to plant your pumpkins now!  Fort Collins Nursery has a great selection of pumpkins, gourds, and squash in stock and ready to add to your garden.

Howden pumpkin is the quintessential Jack O’ Lantern pumpkin.  These deep-orange, ribbed, plump pumpkins set the industry standard for appearance, vitality, and yields. The heavy-bearing plants yield a big crop of 20 to 30 pound pumpkins, with strong handles and thick walls.  Howden pumpkins prefer moist, well drained soil and full sunlight.

Dill’s Giant is the grand-daddy of all giant pumpkins. The record for this variety is an amazing 1662 lbs and it is common for the variety to produce 400- 500 pound fruit consistently if given plenty of moisture, fertilizer and space. The fruit colors vary from yellow to orange and the skin is slightly rough.  These pumpkins require 130 days of 60 degree weather to reach maturity.  Plant yours now and enter your pumpkin in our Giant Pumpkin Weigh-Off on October 4th.  This year’s event is registered with the Great Pumpkin Commonwealth as a sanctioned weigh-off spot.

Warm Season Vegetables

VeggieStarts2It’s that glorious, wonderful time of year again.   Time to get your warm season veggie crops planted for optimal yield!  Fort Collins Nursery is your source for the greatest selection of veggies and herbs including peppers, melons, pumpkins, cucumbers, beans, squash, and dozens of tomato varieties ranging from the traditional to the exotic.

One of our new additions to the nursery this season is the early (65 – 70 days) beautiful Pink Berkeley Tie Dye Tomato.  This variety is a beautiful port wine color, with metallic green “tie dye” stripes throughout the skin. PBTD is a beefsteak sized tomato (8-12 oz) with an excellent rich, sweet flavor, and a high production rate. In a blind farmers market taste test, most people preferred this variety to the classic Cherokee Purple tomato.  We started this variety from seed here at FCN, and look forward to providing you with a new favorite this season!

Greenhouse Stock Rising

GreenhousePlantsOver the past several weeks we have packed our greenhouse with tons of new inventory.  Here are some noteworthy varieties for you to check out next time you visit us:

Banana trees (although they are technically giant herbs!) do very well as ornamental potted plants outside here in Colorado, and can live indoors as houseplants through the cold months.  If you don’t want to move them indoors, the leaves themselves are excellent as mulch.   In the tropics they are even used to wrap up food and as plates, which would certainly be an interesting accessory to picnics and barbecues.

Comfrey is one of the most versatile plants that could be added to any garden.  Its roots reach 8-10 feet into the earth and draw out hard to reach minerals and store them.   It grows quickly, and the nutrient rich leaves can be turned into a potent fertilizer, mixed directly into the soil, used a layer of mulch, or to greatly speed up the activation of compost.   Comfrey also contains the chemical allantoin, which speeds up cell formation and is responsible for its nickname, “knitbone.”  For the specific medicinal uses (and there are many!) we urge you to contact your favorite apothecary.

One of our favorites is the carnivorous and exotic Pitcher Plant.    It attracts insects with its alluring visual lures and sweet smelling nectar, and then drowns them and slowly dissolves them.  This truly unique houseplant is a lovely conversation piece for any well-lit room in your home.


EarthBoxShort on gardening space or looking for an alternative method for growing your veggies?  The EarthBox container gardening system is an easy-to-use, low-maintenance, high-tech growing system that controls soil conditions, eliminates guesswork, and guarantees bountiful yields.  The EarthBox is suitable for growing herbs, vegetables, fruits, and flowers.  It’s compact size allows you to conserve space while increasing your normal yield.  Learn more about this great product from our expert staff next time you visit Fort Collins Nursery!