Fort Collins Nursery Groupon Offer

If you follow Groupon, the exclusive “group coupon” website, Fort Collins Nursery is now a Groupon Merchant Partner.

Even though this program is based out of Denver, you can find 50% -90% discount offers from all over Northern Colorado.

Some things to remember when purchasing and using Groupons:

  • Not valid with sale items, labor or other gift certificates
  • Limit one per person
  • Not valid for cash back
  • Must use in one visit
  • Doesn’t cover tax or gratuity
  • Can’t be combines with other offers
  • Can’t be used until the day after purchase

So keep an eye out for our exclusive offers and save big bucks!

3 Responses to “Fort Collins Nursery Groupon Offer”

  1. Patty Hawkins says:

    Can I put to dormancy, the paper white bulbs that I FORCED at the holidays!
    Thanks for your suggestions.
    Patty Hawkins, Estes Park, CO

    • jesse says:


      Paperwhites are not typically saved once they finish blooming. Because they grow so fast and bloom so heavily, the bulb is very depleted by the time they finish blooming. You can try cutting off the foliage once it starts to yellow and fade, store them somewhere cool for at least 10 weeks, and give them another go, but don’t be surprised if their blooms are weak or non-existent. Most folks I know just toss the bulbs in the compost and buy new ones each year.


  2. Linda says:

    I was sooo happy to get the Groupon offer for plants at Fort Collins Nursery! I can hardly wait to come down and choose from your wonderful selection. Thank you for teaming up with Groupon.

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