There are many reasons that lilac shrubs are a favorite of home gardeners across the region.  Many of us grew up with lilacs in the garden and just thinking about them recalls nostalgic memories of spending time in the yard. Their intoxicating fragrance announces that spring has arrived and is officially here to stay.  The flowers are great for cutting and attract beautiful butterflies to your garden.  Lilacs are hardy, easy to grow, and low maintenance. Lilacs thrive in even marginal soils and love our intense sun. Unlike many other shrubs, lilacs should be pruned in the summer shortly after they finish blooming. Dormant pruning, while not harmful, impacts blooming the following season.

The common perception of a lilac is a large shrub with purple flowers that bloom for a couple of weeks each year. In actuality, there are many different varieties of lilac that work well for different needs.  Lilacs can be found in many different flower colors including purple, lavender, pink, white, and creamy yellow. Just as the flower color may vary, so can the size.  Depending on the variety, lilacs bushes can grow anywhere from 5 to 15 feet tall.  There are early season and late season blooming varieties as well as the reblooming Bloomerang® collection from Proven Winners that blooms in spring, take a rest, and then bloom again from mid-summer to fall.  Try pairing early, mid, and late season varieties for up to 6 weeks of bloom time!

Fort Collins Nursery has dozens of great lilac varieties to choose from. We have the reblooming Bloomerang®  collection available in purple, dark purple, and pink flower options.  Sensation is an outstanding lilac noted for its large trusses of purple-red florets edged in white. Scent & Sensibility is a compact dwarf lilac that provides a lot of color and fragrance and is perfect for smaller landscapes.  Miss Kim Korean Lilac is an upright, compact, and late blooming lilac that extends your bloom season and is great for a border accent or mass planting. Check out all our great varieties and find one that works best for your space.

Itoh Peonies

Itoh peonies are a hybrid between traditional herbaceous garden peonies and the long-lived, woody shrub tree peonies.  Itoh peonies feature the colorful and exotic flowers of the tree peonies as well as their vigorous growth habit and dark green foliage. They take after the perennial growing cycle of the herbaceous garden peonies but have a longer bloom cycle of 3-4 weeks.  While they typically start flowering at the same time, Itoh peonies typically reach their peak bloom right about the same time the herbaceous perennials are finishing up.  Their extended bloom period is attributed to their ability to produce primary and secondary buds and they can yield as many as 50 blooms in a single season.  

When the Itoh peony was first introduced made available to the public, there were so few available that the price ran over $1,000 for one plant.  Now there are dozens of varieties available here at Fort Collins Nursery for a much more manageable price!  We have a great assortment already in stock with more on the way in the coming weeks so be sure to call or stop by to check our selection.  Here are a couple of varieties for you to consider:

Bartzella Itoh Peony

Bartzella Itoh peony have very large, bright yellow double blossoms with a slight red center stain stand above the lush, dark green, deeply dissected foliage. The flowers have a pleasant, slightly spicy scent. This is an especially vigorous plant with sturdy flower stems that do not require staking.

  • Height: 2.5-3 ft.
  • Width: 2.5-3 ft.
  • Water: Regularly
  • Bloom: Late Spring/ Yellow
  • Zones: 4-9


Morning Lilac Itoh Peony

Morning Lilac Itoh peony have large, fragrant, single to semi-double, fuchsia-pink blooms with vivid gold stamens and white highlights.  The flowers are held on strong stems just above sturdy, compact plants with lush, dark green foliage. The bloom color intensifies to a dark purple towards the center. This is a very showy, prolific and early blooming peony.

  • Height: 2.5-3 ft.
  • Width: 2.5-3 ft.
  • Water: Regularly
  • Bloom: Late Spring/ Purplish-pink
  • Zones: 4-9

Mother’s Day Gifts

Looking for the perfect Mother’s Day gift for Mom?  Fort Collins Nursery has oodles of lovely items to show her how much you care. We have roses, hydrangeas and perennials that will produce beautiful flowers for years to come.  We have hanging annual baskets, patio pots and gorgeous annual flowers to decorate her garden or patio this season.  Our garden shop is also loaded with many fun decorative items including garden spinners, flags, and bird feeders.

If you have troubles choosing from all these wonderful items, Fort Collins Nursery Gift Cards can be purchased for any amount between $25 – $1,000. You’ll enjoy giving your Mom the opportunity to choose the perfect plants, gifts and décor for her home.  Our Gift Cards also make great gifts for birthdays, weddings, holidays, Father’s Day, house warmings, memorials, and thank yous.

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Manzanita are a species of evergreen shrubs or small trees that are mostly native to the western part of North America. They have thick, smooth-edged leaves that persist through the cold winter months and provide much needed beauty to the winter landscape. Additionally they supply wildlife with a great source of food and shelter. In late winter and early spring they form clusters of small, urn-shaped flowers that are pink or white. These flower clusters hang from the branches for nearly 6 weeks until temperatures begin to warm up.  Mature plants will produce tiny, dark red berries in the summer.

Fort Collins Nursery has several varieties of Manzanita in stock including Panchito manzanita, Chieftan manzanita, and Mock Bearberry manzanita.  Each of these awesome Plant Select® selections are native to Colorado and are adapted to our dry climate, soils, and fluctuating temperatures.

Panchito Manzanita

Panchito is an outstanding selection of manzanita that comes from the Uncompahgre Plateau near Grand Junction. This exceptional variety is a Plant Select® selection that was first introduced in 2006. Panchito manzanita is a broadleaf evergreen with beautiful cinnamon-red to purple exfoliating bark. The leaves are a deep green and can turn a deep red or purple color in the fall.  Panchito manzanita is a versatile shrub that can be grown as a single specimen or planted in groups as a groundcover. It grows best in well-drained soil with moderate water for the first two years and is drought tolerant once fully established.

  • Height: 2-3’
  • Width: 3-5’
  • Water: Low
  • Bloom: White/Spring
  • Zone: 4

Chieftain Manzanita

Chieftain Manzanita is another Uncompahgre Plateau selection that is taller and much more vigorous than our other manzanita varieties. It is a more recent Plant Select® selection that was introduced in 2013. It has smooth cinnamon-red to purple exfoliating bark and bright oval shaped evergreen leaves. The leaves darken to a bold green and persist through the winter. Pretty white flowers tinged with pink appear in spring followed by delightful red berries in fall. Chieftain manzanita does best in well-draining soils.

  • Height: 3-4’
  • Width: 8-10’
  • Water: Low once established
  • Bloom: Spring/ Pink
  • Zone: 4

Mock Bearberry Manzanita

Mock Bearberry manzanita was a 2005 Plant Select® selection, chosen for its hardiness and adaptability. This low growing shrub provides texture year round with its green leaves and deep-red bark. The spring bloom of small urn-shaped, pink flowers brings early season color and is followed by attractive red berries. This moderate to slow grower prefers well-draining sandy soils and is very drought tolerant once established.

  • Height: 1-2’
  • Width: 3-5’
  • Water: Moderate – Low
  • Bloom: Spring/ Pink
  • Zone: 4

Hummingbird Trumpet Mint

One of the many joys of gardening is to find interesting ways to fill the gaps and spaces between your plants and landscape features with color and texture.  Our staff at Fort Collins Nursery has many fun recommendations for you including the moderate perennial spreader, Monaredella macrantha ‘Marian Sampson,’ otherwise known as Hummingbird Trumpet Mint.

Hummingbird Trumpet Mint is an intensely aromatic perennial herb that forms clusters of stunning scarlet-orange trumpet flowers. These brilliant, tubular flowers offer non-stop color from late spring clear through to frost.  As its common name suggests, hummingbird trumpet mint is an excellent attractor for hummingbirds that feed on its sweet nectar throughout the summer.

A native to the higher mountainous regions of California, it has excellent adaptability at different elevations and does well in our local environment. So well in fact, it was chosen by Plant Select® in 2014 as a featured selection for our area. It is drought tolerant but does best in locations with some protection from the heat of the summer sun. It may require winter protection in some areas as well.

Hummingbird trumpet mint is a moderate spreader and can be used as a ground cover. Where it really shows off best though is hanging and cascading down rocks and ledges.  Plant some behind a rock or along the rim of a container and let it spill over the edges in stunning fashion!

  • Height: 4-6”
  • Width: 8-12”
  • Water: Moderate to low
  • Bloom: Scarlet-Orange/ Late Spring – Summer
  • Zones: 5b-9

Bare Root Strawberries, Hops, and Rhubarb

Bare root plants are dormant plants that have no soil around the roots. This allows them to easily adapt to the soil conditions of their new environment.  Not only are they extremely simple to plant, but they are very affordable and easy to transport as well.  

March and April are considered bare root season in Colorado and generally speaking, if you can work the soil it is OK to plant.  Bare root plants have been stored in cool temperatures over the winter so the cold soil will not be a shock to them. It is however a good idea to cover up their roots to protect them from any potential deep frost that may occur.  Placing the plants in potting soil and covering them with mulch will help shield the roots and hold in moisture until the threat of frost is over.  

Ideally, you should plant bare root plants soon after purchase.  If the ground is still frozen or you simply get too busy, plants should be stored in a cool dry spot until you’re ready to plant. Warmer temperatures can cause the plants to emerge from their dormancy prematurely so storing in a cool environment like a refrigerator, root cellar, garage, or basement will inhibit premature growth.
Fort Collins Nursery has bare root rhubarb, strawberries and hops in stock including (but not limited to) the following varieties:

Ozark Beauty Strawberry

Ozark Beauty strawberries are everbearing plants that produce a steady and abundant yield from spring to fall. These tasty strawberries are deep red, firm and sugary sweet. They taste great fresh or frozen and in preserves.

Height: 10-12 in.

Spacing: 12-18 in.

Water: Prefers moist well drained soil

Sun: Plant in full sun


Cascade Hops

This productive vining plant has large, attractive flowers used for flavoring beer. They have a very distinct aroma of citrus and spice with a hint of grapefruit. These are the most-used hop in US craft brewing.

Height: 20-25 ft.

Width: 10 ft.

Water: Prefers moist well drained soil

Sun: Plant in full sun


Crimson Red Rhubarb

Crimson Red rhubarb has exceptionally sweet, bright red stalks that erupt out of the soil in early summer. Rhubarb will do best if planted in slightly amended soil and can tolerate partial shade. To prevent seeding in other areas, cut down the flower stalk. The leaves are poisonous if eaten so keep away from small children and pets.

Height: 2-3’

Width: 2-3’

Water: Moderate-Low

Sun: Plant in full sun

Bird Houses & Feeders

There are a number of benefits in attracting birds to your home landscape. Birds will help with pest control, flower pollination, and even weed control as some birds consume large quantities of weed seeds that would otherwise grow in your garden.  They provide stress relief and endless enjoyment through site and song.  You can also feel good about providing them a nice place to visit as more and more of their natural habitats and food sources are threatened by suburban development. Fort Collins Nursery has a large selection of supplies to help attract our feathered friends.  You’ll find bird baths, bird feeders, bird houses, bird seed, and more! Don’t forget that planting certain types of fruit trees, shrubs, and flowers will provide them with a sustainable source of fruits, berries, and seeds to feed on throughout the year. By taking a few simple steps and providing them with food, water, and shelter you will be rewarded with an active habitat for birds at your home!

Fairy Gardening Supplies

Fairy gardening is a whimsical and fun activity for kids of all ages. Generally open air (as opposed to terrariums), these miniature gardens are filled with accessories such as walkways made from chips of broken pots, tiny little benches and tables, and even diminutive domiciles where one can imagine a fairy taking up residence. If bonsai is an exercise in patience, fairy gardens are a celebration of impermanence, as you find new fun arrangements to suit the needs of your fairies, remove overgrown plants, and introduce new accessories to their vibrant little world. We have a large selection of miniature plants, succulents, and air plants plus loads of fun additions.  Create a fantasy world where a princess frolics outside her castle while playful dragons stand guard.  Construct a scene with a lazy troll resting warily outside of his cottage, surrounded by barn animals and busy fairies going about their day. You can even recreate some of your favorite movies scenes with figurine characters from Peter Pan and The Wizard of Oz. Your imagination is the limit with these fun and interactive gardens!

Home Decor & Gifts

Awesome plants are not the only things you’ll find at Fort Collins Nursery.  We also have an amazing selection of home décor and gift items to suit every taste.  We constantly rotate our product lines to mix things up and provide you with the best selection of unique and stylish items.

One of our new motifs for this winter is tropical fruit themed goodies featuring fruit shaped bottle stoppers, wall hooks, water-resistant bags, and battery powered lanterns in pastel colors.  The crown jewel of this collection is an assortment of kiwi, watermelon and orange shaped inflatable ottomans.

We also have a great selection of farm themed figurines, statues, pottery, clocks, signs, and wall hooks.  You’ll even find a cow print umbrella for a rainy day fashion statement!

Another new addition to the nursery is a collection of safari themed statues, wall hooks and tea lights. An ornate, engraved elephant statue will look as good on your book shelves as it would on the cluttered desk of a genuine safari explorer.

Whether you’re looking for decorative stakes for your garden, wall art for your kitchen, or wind chimes for your porch, we have something to fit your space and style.

Syndicate Home and Garden Terrariums & Pottery

Now that it’s cold and winter is fully upon us, we start looking for ways to bring a little bit of green indoors.  Houseplants and succulents provide some much needed relief for the winter doldrums and give us the opportunity to utilize our green thumbs. As we find joy in these indoor plants, we also seek fun decorative ways to display them.  This winter, Fort Collins Nursery is carrying a line of Syndicate Home and Garden terrarium and pottery products designed with fashion and function in mind.

Here are some fun, easy to use products to get you started:

  • Floating Orb Terrarium Garden Kit:  Bring a fresh feeling to the home all year long with the help of a Floating Orb Garden Kit.  Use the included jute string to hang in your space, or rest on your shelf. Kit includes terrarium, bag of soil mix, bag of moss, and bag of stones.


  • Cloche Terrarium Kit:  The newest terrarium kit from Syndicate has all the makings of a classic. Materials and plants can be easily layered inside the glass enclosure. These cloches provide plenty of room for tall, leafy plants. Kit includes terrarium, bag of soil mix, bag of moss, and bag of stones.


  • Artisan Glass Terrarium:  A fluid shape provides an artistic touch to Syndicate’s newest glass terrarium, aptly named the Artisan. The wide mouth opening provides plenty of room to arrange and maintain plants and creations.


  • Mixed Material Glass Terrarium:  A juxtaposition between airy and weighty, these mixed material terrariums create a beautiful backdrop for any eco-arrangement. Plant and prune with ease thanks to their wide mouth openings.


  • Geometric Hanging Terrariums:  Embrace the industrial style with geometric hanging terrariums! Multi-faceted glass with metal accents hangs like artwork with or without plants.


  • Terrarium Tools:  Tend to your terrarium with precision and style! Extended handles allow easy access to care for plants and mosses.


  • Urban Earth Pottery:  Urban Earth uses the best of minimal and organic design to create pieces decorators and gardeners will love. On the back patio or in a studio apartment, these beautifully rustic pieces are sure to stand out. Each piece includes a drainage tray, ensuring proper conditions for healthy plants.


  • Urban Wave Pottery:  Made of durable, light ceramic material, these stylish containers are great for drop-ins or succulents. The soft ripple texture has a sophisticated look that won’t crack or fade.


  • Modern Cork Pottery:  Embrace two of the year’s biggest trends: cork and concrete. Created from all natural and durable materials, this trend-forward design will add a fresh look to any space. The Modern Cork Collection is suitable for indoor or outdoor use.