Succulents and succulent gardens are all the rage this spring and we have a large selection of potted succulent gardens to supply your demand! Succulents are a low-maintenance approach to gardening. They are pest-resistant, enjoy moderate to bright light, require low water and can go dry between watering. Each decorative planter is beautifully designed with an artistic blend of succulent and cactus. Pick up one of these beautiful pots from our greenhouse and find out why these succulent gardens have become so popular!

Regal Art Solar Lights

New to the garden shop this spring are Solar Lights from Regal Art & Gift.  These decorative pieces absorb the sun’s natural energy during the day and automatically light up at night, infusing your garden with color and light.  They look great during the day as well, with colorful glass that shimmers in the sun.  The lights come in many different styles including garden birds, Bell Flowers, Wildflowers, Iris, Tulips, Poppies and Mushrooms.  They range in size from over 3 feet tall to miniature versions standing at 1 foot.

Territorial Seeds

We are excited about the addition of the Territorial Seed Company line to our seed inventory this spring.  All of their seed varieties are trialed and evaluated at their 75 acre farm, nestled in the foothills of the Cascade Mountain range.  Each one lives up to the rigors of growing in similar growing seasons to those we find here in Northern Colorado and Southern Wyoming.  They are so confident that their seeds will perform well just about anywhere you want to grow that they offer a full guarantee.

We are happy to special order any Territorial Seed Company seeds packs that we do not already have in stock.  As a vendor, we receive much better shipping rates than direct to customers so we are happy to save you a little green.

  • Browse the Territorial Seed Company online store.
  • Put together your list (Please specify you are ordering from the Territorial Seed Company catalog)
  • Email that list to scott@fortcollinsnursery.com
  • We’ll let you know when your seeds are in and ready for you to pick up.


Add some green to your home & office this winter with LiveTrends Design products, available at Fort Collins Nursery. LiveTrends combine unique designs, living plants, and specialty gifting items to provide simple, beautiful, living works of art that are unlike anything else in the marketplace. We carry many succulents and air plants in a variety fun designs including magnetized planters, stone pockets, glass vases and copper mule planters.  Each plant was selected through extensive testing by LiveTrends to thrive in a home or office setting with easy-care.

Air Plants

  • Water: Keep humid by misting once a week. Plants will indicate their need for water by becoming dull in color and shrunken if very dry.
  • Light: Medium-bright artificial light indoors or near a window without direct sunlight.
  • Temperature: 60-80F, similar to orchids. Being tropical plants, they do not like temperature extremes.
  • Fertilizer: Plants will survive without any fertilizing, however, if you wish to encourage growth, mist or soak with a solution of balanced house plant food at ¼ recommended strength once a month during warm growing seasons.


  • Water: Allow plants to dry before watering. Don’t worry if plants become very dry, they will go slightly dormant without harm. Use approximately 2oz of water every two weeks.
  • Light: Bright artificial light indoors or near a window without direct sun. In warm weather (always above 40 degrees) they can grow on an outside porch but no direct sunlight.
  • Temperature: These plants tolerate a wide range of temperatures from 40-90F. Do not allow to freeze and keep away from air conditioning or heating vents.
  • Fertilizer: Balanced house plant food once per month at ½ strength during warm growing seasons (IMPORTANT be sure to water with clear water first since your plants will be dry)

Rooter Vases

We are excited about a fun new line of Rooter Vases from Couronne Co. These glass vases are beautifully crafted and hand blown in many stunning colors and shapes.  Rooter vases are perfect for displaying cut flowers or for rooting houseplant cuttings. Just take a cutting from your favorite plant and push the base of the cutting in your rooter vase. Once a good root system has formed you can re-pot your cutting or leave it in the vase for show.

Viz Glass Solar Decor

vizglass_nlViz Glass offers breathtaking glass art pieces at affordable prices, integrating superior craftsmanship with accessibility. Their products are hand blown and hand crafted, insuring that each is one of a kind. Fort Collins Nursery carries a great selection of beautiful solar stakes and will be adding Solar Stones to our inventory for the first time this month.




  • Unique glass shape adds a distinctive feature to your outdoor space.
  • Re-chargeable battery may be replaced to bring years of color glow to flower beds, ground cover areas, and other landscape features.
  • Viz Glass pieces can be cleaned by using any standard glass cleaner; for a more thorough cleaning use product containing ammonia.
  • Solar Stakes are available in flame pod, fiddle top pod, twist pod, spiral and glass grass options.


Centerpiece2_NLThe holiday season is filled with parties, dinners and family gatherings.  Before hosting your next get together, dress up your tables with beautiful Holiday Centerpieces from Fort Collins Nursery.  These hand crafted displays are made from classic holiday components including cut greens, pine cones, holly berries, candles and bows.  Poinsettia, cyclamen and Christmas cactus add bright color and are another great option for a centerpiece or table display.  For a less traditional display option, check out our succulent centerpieces and moss covered reindeer planters.

Desert Steel™ Sculptures

DesertSteel_NLFort Collins Nursery is now carrying a line of stunning steel sculptured garden décor from Desert Steel™.

Each sculpture is artisan crafted and features popular icons from nature like flowers and saguaro cactus that are disguised as garden torches, bird feeders and luminaries.


  • Steel Construction
  • 100% Powder Coated
  • Resistant to Rust/ Corrosion
  • Stakes into the ground or includes no-twist hanger
  • Assembles in minutes

Terrarium Kits

TerreriumKit_NLStop worrying if you’re doing it right with a do-it-yourself terrarium kit that contains exactly what you need. Terrariums are easy to make, are highly water efficient, and require minimal maintenance! Fort Collins Nursery has a variety of all-inclusive kits to get you started. Garden Terrarium KitsTM from Syndicate Home & Garden are available in multiple sizes, and our greenhouse features hundreds of succulents, cactus, air plants and small house plants to build your own magical miniature world.


Garlic_NLDid you know that garlic is considered one of the world’s healthiest foods and contains many medicinal properties that aid in combatting colds, improving cholesterol levels and reducing blood pressure?  This close relative of the onion also tastes great and will kick up any soup or sauce recipe.  Fall is the best time to plant garlic for a bigger harvest next summer, so check out or great selection and make garlic a must-have addition to your fall planting list.