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Poinsettias & Holiday Bloomers

Blooming plants are an essential component of holiday decorating and design. Luscious options like poinsettias, amaryllis, Christmas cactus, and cyclamen are in full bloom this time of year, adding beautiful bursts of reds, whites, and pinks to your festive holiday displays. Bloomers can be used as table toppers, centerpieces or decorative accents to your home or office. Their soft petals and leaves create a wonderful compliment to the dark green tones and rigid needles of evergreen trees, wreaths, and boughs. Holiday bloomers also make great traditional holiday gifts that can be enjoyed through the holiday season and beyond. 

Make poinsettias, amaryllis, Christmas cactus, and cyclamen a part of your decorating and gift giving plans this holiday season!

Holiday bloomers will arrive at Fort Collins Nursery throughout the month of November.  Please check estimated dates below and feel free to give us a call or stop in for updates.



Poinsettias are not only one of the most popular plants of the Christmas season, they are also one of the most potted flowers in the United States with over 34 million grown each year. Poinsettias have small yellow clustered flowers that are surrounded by brightly colored leaves called bracts which are the true star of the show. While the red leaved variety may be the most popular variety, poinsettias grow naturally in a range of colors including white, pink, and red with solid or speckled leaves. Poinsettias have become more and more popular with the introduction of long-lasting cultivars that keep their color well into March.

Our estimated arrival date for 2” mini poinsettias is November 7 with the larger sizes arriving on November 15.  Estimated delivery dates are subject to change.

Care:  Poinsettias thrive on indirect, natural sunlight so place your plant near a sunny well-lit window but not directly in the light which may fade the plant’s color. South, east or west exposures are ideal. Poinsettias are tropical plants and prefer warmer temperatures of 65-75°F during the flowering season. Avoid drafty locations near exterior doors to prevent cold air from shocking the foliage. Keep your soil evenly moist and well drained but be sure not to overwater.

Ask our staff for tips to extend the life of your poinsettia after flowering.



Amaryllis is another popular holiday plant, revered for their long lasting, huge, trumpet-like flowers. These tropical beauties are a great source of vibrant holiday color. Like poinsettias, the red varieties are more typically associated with the holidays but they also come in other colors like white and pink. Amaryllis can be purchased at Fort Collins Nursery as easy to grow bulbs or as finished plants, already potted and in bloom. If you’re growing your amaryllis from a bulb, plant the bulb in good potting soil, water regularly, and provide bright indirect light. Of all the flowering bulbs, amaryllis are the easiest to grow and your plant should begin blooming six to eight weeks after planting.  As a general rule of thumb, plant your bulbs by October 15th for them to bloom by Thanksgiving, early November for them to bloom by Christmas, and mid-November for them to bloom by the New Year.

Amaryllis bulbs are currently in stock.  Our estimated arrival date for potted amaryllis is November 5. Estimated delivery dates are subject to change.

Care:  Amaryllis prefer bright light with an evenly moist soil.  Be careful not to over-water.

Ask our staff for tips to extend the life of your amaryllis after flowering.


Christmas Cactus

Christmas cactus are another great holiday bloomer that produces exotic flowers in a variety of colors that hang down like lovely Christmas ornaments from the end of the plant leaves. Their long bloom time spans all the seasonal holidays from November through January. They are low maintenance and easy to grow which makes them a popular choice for indoor growers this time of year.

Our estimated arrival date for Christmas cactus is November 5.  Estimated delivery dates are subject to change.

Care:  Christmas cactus prefer a well-lit spot, shaded from direct sunlight. They prefer warm temperatures in the 55-70°F range.  Water your Christmas cactus when the soil begins to dry and be sure not to let them go completely dry while in bloom.

Ask our staff for tips to extend the life of your Christmas cactus after flowering.


Cyclamen are another popular and easy to care for winter bloomer. They have long stocks of beautiful upswept flowers that grow in shades of pink, red, and white and bloom for weeks. Their attractive foliage features dark green heart-shaped leaves, often with a silver marbled pattern. Cyclamen have a compact growth habit reaching only about 8 inches tall making them a great fit for small spaces.

While we currently have a small selection of cyclamen, we have an estimated arrival of November 5 on our next shipment.  Estimated delivery dates are subject to change.

Care:  Cyclamen prefer bright light away from direct sunlight. They also like cooler temperatures around 50-60°F at night and no more than 65-68°F during the day. Warmer temperatures can cause the plant to yellow and the flowers to fade. A north or west facing windowsill is an ideal location to accommodate the plants lighting and temperature needs. Keep the soil moist but not soggy at all times. Deadhead to promote more blooms.

Ask our staff for tips to extend the life of your Cyclamen after flowering.


Originally published on November 1, 2018.

Holiday Greenery

It’s impossible to imagine the holiday season without plants and greenery coming to mind. Presents under a tree, brightly colored poinsettia displayed on the dinner table and wreaths to greet guests as they arrive at the front door. At Fort Collins Nursery, you’ll find a great selection of fresh cut and live trees, wreaths, holiday bloomers, evergreen boughs, and more to embellish your home with holiday spirit!

This year’s first batch of fresh cut trees should arrive just in time for our Holiday Open House the weekend of November 17th. Looking for something different this year? Bring home a living tree to display on your porch or patio. A living tree can be brought indoors to decorate the week of Christmas and returned to the great outdoors to await spring planting.

Throughout the month of November, our greenhouse will fill up with winter classics like poinsettia, Christmas cactus, amaryllis, and cyclamen. These winter bloomers add color to your home and make perfect hostess/host gifts for your holiday party.

Originally published on November 9, 2015.  Updated on November 1, 2018

Amaryllis and Paperwhites


Big, colorful blooms of the amaryllis flower are hard to resist this time of year and Fort Collins Nursery has many varieties of these easy to grow bulbs in stock. For an intense red color try Black Pearl featuring stunning, velvety dark maroon flowers or Red Lion with huge, bright red blossoms that are the standard for traditional red colored amaryllis. For a crisp, pure white flower try the fragrant double white bloomer Jewel or the Christmas Gift amaryllis with huge, snow white flowers and pale green throats.  Looking for a nice mixed color flower? We have Apple Blossom featuring spectacular flowers in white with pink pastel and Minerva featuring bright red petals accented by a white star and a kiwi green throat. The appropriately named Half & Half amaryllis features veined red upper petals with the lower petals a soft green blending to white.

Are fragrant paperwhites your favorite holiday centerpiece? We have several Narcissi varieties waiting to bloom including the popular Ziva and Chinese Sacred Lily, bearing fragrant blooms with golden yellow cups. For more sensitive noses, the nearly scentless Inbal variety is a beautiful pure white and only lightly scented.

Don’t forget a bulb planter, vase, or pebbles to complete the look. We also offer pre-packaged kits, the perfect gift for anyone on your list.

Originally published on October 27, 2011.  Updated on November 1, 2018


Succulents and succulent gardens are all the rage these days and we have a large selection of plants, containers, and potted succulent gardens to supply your demand! Succulents are a low-maintenance approach to gardening. They are pest-resistant, enjoy moderate to bright light, require low water and can go dry between watering. Nearly anything can be used as a container for succulents, as long as you consider the importance of drainage for these drought-loving plants (using cactus and succulent soil can help prevent wet feet).  Container examples include tea cups, jars, glasses, vases, bowls, and aquariums.

Like houseplants, succulents can help you relax and breathe easy. Studies have shown that indoor plants can improve your concentration and boost your overall mood, making your day more productive and relaxing. Succulents can help keep your air fresh, remove toxins from the environment, and release more oxygen in the air. Pick up a beautiful succulent from our greenhouse and find out why they are so popular!

Christmas Trees


The Christmas tree is one of the most iconic symbols of the holiday season.  The dark green needles and smell of fresh cut wood brings a piece of nature right into your living room.  The lights, bows and ornaments that you hang are a reflection of your own personality and bridge past memories with new holiday experiences.  At Fort Collins Nursery, we understand the importance of picking out that perfect tree and our dedicated staff will brave the snow and the cold to help you find it!

This year our tree lot features native Alpine Fir and Lodgepole Pines that are harvested in the Rocky Mountains.  The Lodgepole have long been a local favorite because of their distinct Colorado look with pine cones still attached as a beautiful reminder of their place in our local ecosystem.  We have also brought in several varieties of plantation grown Scotch Pine and Fraser Fir from Minnesota.  The Fraser is considered one of the more popular and traditional varieties because of its fragrance, shape and strong limbs.  Each tree is cut fresh by our trusted suppliers and vary in size, ranging anywhere from a 2-3 foot table topper to 14 foot giants.

Looking for something different this year?  Bring home a living tree to display on your porch or patio.  A living tree can be brought indoors to decorate the week of Christmas and returned to the great outdoors to await spring planting.

Please observe the following guidelines:

  • Your living Christmas tree should be kept in a cool, shady location protected from severe winds until you bring it into your home.
  • The tree should not be kept in your home for more than 5 to 7 days.
  • Use only small cool “twinkle” lights, not large outdoor lights.
  • After Christmas, either plant the tree in the ground, place it in an unheated building, or put it in a protected location outdoors, preferably with a mulch such as leaves around the container.
  • Water the tree periodically (once a month) if the soil ball is not frozen.
  • Plant the tree in your landscape in the spring when the ground is thawed.


Originally published on December 3, 2015.  Updated on November 1, 2018.

Christmas Wreaths


Let your friends and family know how special they are with a custom Fort Collins Nursery wreath, hand-decorated just for them.  Keep an eye out for a special email announcement once wreaths are available for purchase in-store and online.

Due to rising costs of shipping and supplies we are no longer able to ship wreath orders.  We apologize for any inconvenience.

Originally published on November 9, 2015.  Updated on November 1, 2018.

New Record Set at 2018 Giant Pumpkin Weigh-Off & Fall Jamboree

Joe Scherber with 1,568 lb. winner

Our 10th Annual Giant Pumpkin Weigh-Off is now in the books!  Dozens of pumpkin growers and our largest festival crowd to date gathered here last Saturday to create a truly unforgettable event.  This year’s competition featured 23 entries in multiple categories from some of the top growers in the region.  The day’s top prize went to Joe Scherber from Wheat Ridge, CO, marking his second time as Fort Collins Nursery’s Weigh-Off champion.  Joe’s 1,568 lb. behemoth is a new Fort Collins Nursery contest record and is reportedly the second heaviest pumpkin in Colorado state history!  Joe also set a new state record for his long gourd entry that measured almost 10 ft. long! Here is a list of all of this year’s winners.

Heaviest Pumpkin

  • 1stPlace- Joe Scherber  (1568 lbs)
  • 2ndPlace- Marc Sawtelle (1148 lbs)
  • 3rdPlace- Andy Corbin (1070 lbs)
  • 4thPlace- Jim Grande (987 lbs)
  • 5thPlace- Mick Hodges (873 lbs)

Field Pumpkin

  • 1st Place- Dustin Grubb (85 lbs)

Heaviest Squash

  • 1st Place- Olivia Thayer 

 Howard Dill (Prettiest Pumpkin)

  • 1st Place- Dustin Grubb

 Longest Long Gourd

  • 1st Place- Joe Scherber (117″)

Kids Division

  • 1stPlace-Olivia Thayer




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Living Air Ware™ Collectibles

Living Air Ware® Collectibles is a delightful new product line that brings air plants to life in a whole new way!  Each Collectible is styled out of a polymer clay and made to resemble a sea life creature, wild animal or other fantasy character.  The fun part is that they are also a living habitat for air plants that have been thoughtfully incorporated into the design concept to be a physical characteristic of the Collectible.  For example, in featured designs the air plant becomes the tentacles of the jellyfish, the mane of a lion, and the coronet of a seahorse. Each Collectible is specially fabricated to allow breathing room and proper water drainage while giving the air plant a good space to attach its roots.  

Air plants are extremely easy to care. Simply submerge them in water overnight twice a month and mist them 1-2 time weekly. Although each Collectible comes with easy care instructions, we recommend doubling the watering rate recommended due to Colorado’s particularly dry.


Originally published on October  3, 2018.  


Orchids have captivated mankind for thousands of years and there are many reasons we still love them today.  Their flowers bloom in many interesting colors and forms, from simple and elegant to complex and exotic. Their aesthetic beauty makes people happy and creates a calming, stress free environment wherever they are found. What usually begins as a curious fascination with orchids often turns into an outright obsession and many amateur growers have turned into passionate collectors.

There is a common perception that orchids are difficult to grow but most orchids are not quite as intimidating as you might think.   Orchids grow in the same conditions as many common houseplants and are usually no more difficult to care for.  With a few simple tips you’ll be growing beautiful orchids in your home in no time.

Orchids like bright light but not direct light so keep them near a sunny window or under a grow light.  Not getting enough light is the number one reason orchids fail to bloom.

Overwatering is one of the most common way of killing orchids but you don’t want to let them get too dry either. In general, orchids can be watered every 4-7 days during warmer weather and every 7-10 days during cool weather. Keep in mind that orchids’ needs vary significantly from one variety to the next, so check with one of our expert staff to ensure your watering schedule is right for your particular orchid.

Keep to a regular fertilizing schedule with an orchid fertilizer.  Fort Collins Nursery carries bags of specially designed orchid fertilizer as well as orchid potting mix and potting media to keep your orchids well-fed and happy.

Don’t repot orchids while in bloom unless absolutely necessary. A flower that is repotted while blooming is likely to drop its flowers, sometimes almost immediately.

Don’t water orchids with ice cubes- Remember, these are tropical plants and the ice is too cold and can shock the roots.

Fort Collins Nursery always has a great selection of orchids in stock including the following varieties:



Phalaeonopsis, also known as the ‘Moth Orchid’, is the most commonly found orchid at retail due to its ease of production, easily recognizable for their arching sprays of blooms.  They are also one of the easiest orchids to grow in the home and therefore a great starter variety for beginner growers. A mature Phalaenopsis is loaded with large flowers that typically bloom for 1-3 months each year.  


Cattleya orchids are often called the ‘Queen of orchids.’ They are known for large, showy, and sometimes fragrant flowers.  They generally bloom once a year and the blooms can last anywhere from one to three weeks. Due to their ease of growth and sheer beauty, cattleyas are the most hybridized of all orchid varieties.



Paphiopedilum, or ‘Lady Slippers’, are one the showiest orchid varieties. Lady Slippers get their name from the flower’s distinct slipper-shaped bloom pouch that is used for insect pollination. Paphiopedilum blooms are long-lasting and plants typically stay in bloom for about 6-8 weeks. Their exotic flowers come in many different sizes, shapes, and stunning color patterns.



Dendrobium is one of the most diverse genus of orchids with over 1,200 species and hybrids. They like as much bright light as you can give them and they prefer to be potted into little pots with their roots crowded into a tight space.  In the United States, the Dendrobium is second most popular orchid variety and they are loved for their colorful, showy flowers.  Dendrobiums long-lasting sprays of flowers remain in bloom for two to four weeks and can bloom several times throughout the year. Dendrobiums benefit from a rest period where they are kept cooler and drier when not in a growth phase.



Oncidium orchids are also known as dancing lady or dancing dolls. They have large sprays of flowers with many beautiful blooms that look like little flowing dresses. Oncidiums can be a little trickier to grow than some of the other orchid variety due to their susceptibility to root rot. The most common oncidiums however grow well under normal indoor conditions and are worth the extra care.

Originally published on October 3, 2018.  

Pumpkins & Fall Décor

Next to changing leaves, perhaps no image symbolizes the coming of fall like the pumpkin. Once a staple of the annual fall harvest, pumpkins are used in a variety of delicious fall recipes such as pies, breads, cookies, and beer.  Their round shape and bright orange colors compliment the changing landscape and offer many unique decorating ideas for your home and garden décor.  Fort Collins Nursery has a wide variety of pumpkins, squash and gourds to suit your needs.  We have pretty pumpkins, fancy pumpkins, mini pumpkins and sugar pie pumpkins.  We have beautiful and tasty locally grown squash, warty squash and decorative gourds.  Straw bales and corn stalks are also available to give your fall display that extra kick.  While you’re here, browse this year’s great selection of new indoor fall décor.  We have a large variety of decorations and knick-knacks ranging from charming to downright spooky, perfect for this fun-filled season!

Originally published on October 1, 2015.  Updated on October 3, 2018.