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Awesome plants are not the only things you’ll find at Fort Collins Nursery.  We also have an amazing selection of home décor and gift items to suit every taste.  We constantly rotate our product lines to mix things up and provide you with the best selection of unique and stylish items.

One of our new motifs for this winter is tropical fruit themed goodies featuring fruit shaped bottle stoppers, wall hooks, water-resistant bags, and battery powered lanterns in pastel colors.  The crown jewel of this collection is an assortment of kiwi, watermelon and orange shaped inflatable ottomans.

We also have a great selection of farm themed figurines, statues, pottery, clocks, signs, and wall hooks.  You’ll even find a cow print umbrella for a rainy day fashion statement!

Another new addition to the nursery is a collection of safari themed statues, wall hooks and tea lights. An ornate, engraved elephant statue will look as good on your book shelves as it would on the cluttered desk of a genuine safari explorer.

Whether you’re looking for decorative stakes for your garden, wall art for your kitchen, or wind chimes for your porch, we have something to fit your space and style.

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