Oh Hail!

We garden in Colorado! We know the heartbreak of the 5 or 10 minute storm that can undo 500 hours of hard work.

When hail strikes—what’s a gardener to do?

  • Wait a day or two. Let the sun shine and the anger subside. The damage will be easier to evaluate after some time has passed. This is a good time to work on a new margarita recipe!
  • Remove debris that could encourage the onset of disease.
  • Prune selectively. Remove broken stems and leaf parts. Even parts of leaves can be removed. Make angled cuts for a more natural look.
  • Feed your plants with a gentle nitrogen fertilizer. We recommend Age Old Grow or Age Old Kelp liquid fertilizer.
  • Watch for insect infestations. Bad bugs tend to pick on weakened plants.
  • Try Fertilome Triple Action, a blend of naturally occurring pesticides for your garden, or OMRI approved Safer Insect Killing Soap.
  • Re-evaluate plant choice and positioning. Fine-leafed plants generally tolerate hail better than those with large leaves. Many natives are well-adapted to hail. Position plants prone to hail damage under trees or on an east facing wall or fence.
  • Have a plentiful array of patio pots. Those that are spared can be moved into place while others recover.
  • This is why God invented ANNUALS. They can be purchased in full-bloom-and put in areas that need instant color and give INSTANT gratification!
  • Conclusion….Keep a hail-thy attitude, and say “What the hail-where are those margaritas?”


6 Responses to “Oh Hail!”

  1. Brian says:

    Nothing worse than a hail-decimated garden. Being prepared for this with tarps/posts to hold up the tarp around the garden while also checking the daily forecast for storms is a must here. If you’re heading out before a storm hits, a couple hours of shade is far less disastrous than your hard grown plants being machine gunned with ice balls.

    • Douglas Powell says:

      Great advice, just be sure to angle your tarps so the hailstones roll off to the side and do not collapse the whole thing as a result.


  2. roofing companies Fort Collins  says:

    Great info on hail!

  3. Kathy Meikel says:

    I love your sense of humor regarding hail. Why not use some of the hail stones to MAKE that ‘rita! 😁😂😃

  4. Diane Kristoff says:

    Covering plants with empty plant pots works great, just remove when hail is over. Hint from a native!

  5. Donna Lambert says:

    Love this article! And if you want mojitos or mint Jules I have a ton of mint that was spared…right next to the veggies and bleeding hearts that weren’t!

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