Fresh Cut Christmas Trees are Here!

Christmas TreesFort Collins Nursery has fresh cut Christmas trees that are sure to awaken your olfactory senses and brighten your home.

Our Sub-Alpine Firs and Lodgepole Pines are native, wild grown Colorado Rocky Mountain trees that are shipped directly to Fort Collins Nursery after harvest. Sub-Alpine Fir trees have a silvery-blue cast and plump needles while the Lodgepole Pine is covered with cones and has open branching, allowing room for more ornaments.

Our Fraser Firs and Scotch Pines are plantation grown trees. Fraser Firs are very symmetrical, full and have a strong evergreen aroma. The Scotch Pine is the most economical tree, is light weight, and therefore easier to hold up in a stand.

Let one of our wonderful aromatic trees permeate your space this season. With trees starting at just $29, Fort Collins Nursery is sure to help you find just the right tree.

10 Responses to “Fresh Cut Christmas Trees are Here!”

  1. Beverly says:

    Average price of 5 to 6’Christmas tree

  2. Roxaknne says:

    Do you have 20 ft fresh cut Christmas trees

    • jesse says:

      We may have a handful in the 15′-18′ range, but I don’t believe we keep any 20′ on hand, however we could possibly have one cut especially for you. Please call us Friday and we can discuss the possibilities. 970-482-1984 ask for Scott

  3. Don Vitko says:

    Hello. Wondering if u would be able to cut a alpine fir and send to my home here in Tucson Az?
    Say a 8 foot one? Please let me know I can’t find anyone here who handles them. We collect old old glass and they are great because of
    Branch space and hard branches. Thanks so much
    Don Vitko

    • jesse says:

      Hi Don

      Unfortunately we can’t help you out as we do not ship Christmas trees. I feel like I saw plenty of Alpine Fir when I was skiing near Flagstaff, are there any “cut-your-own” programs you can utilize around there?

  4. Luke Sinden says:

    I’d like to have some evergreen boughs in our house for the aroma.

    Can you sell some boughs? And, which species of tree would give the best, richest smells?

    • jesse says:

      We sell a wide variety of boughs for holiday Decour and fragrance. Incense cedar is a good one, as well as any of the varieties of fir tree that we might get in, although until they arrive we often don’t know exactly what we will be receiving each season. We are expecting our main shipment this week, with more to follow as the season progresses.

  5. Donna Bassett says:

    I would like to reserve a 15′ tree to pick up on December 7th! Can you quote me a price?

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