Our staff

Fort Collins Nursery is a complete, year-round garden center that prides itself on customer service and horticultural experience.

Our friendly staff includes people who are experts on everything from apples to zinnias and everything in between, and includes many Colorado Certified Nursery Professionals. We are dedicated, knowledgeable and enjoy what we do. Our goal is to help you enjoy your visits with us and to offer expert gardening advice and outstanding support throughout the year.

Jesse Eastman – Owner & General Manager

Colorado Certified Nursery Professional (CCNP)

Jesse was born into the nursery and spent a great deal of time there until he moved to Oregon to attend college in 2002. He returned to Fort Collins Nursery in 2008 and purchased it from his father in 2010. He has enjoyed growing into the role carved out by his father and embraces the challenge of keeping the business as relevant to the community today as it was when it was first established in the 1930s.



Brendan Anderson – Production & Facilities Manager, Safety Officer

  • Colorado Certified Nursery Professional
  • CDA Private Pesticide Applicator

Brendan’s responsibilities include growing around 60,000 perennials, 100’s of trees, and 1000’s of shrubs each year, plus nursery and irrigation maintenance, unloading plant shipments and coordinating various building projects.  He also manages our wonderful, and talented production staff.  Brendan started working at the nursery around the year 2000, is a certified nursery professional and has a private applicators license.  He enjoys the hard work it takes to do this job and is always amazed how much can be accomplished with a focused and hardworking team.  He takes great pleasure when he thinks of all the beauty that is created around us by the plants that we sell.

Connie Barber – Office Manager

  • Colorado Certified Nursery Professional
  • CDA Private Pesticide Applicator
  • BS Landscape Horticulture from Colorado State University

Connie manages the day-to-day operations of the business office. Her main duties include accounts payable and inventory control.  She also provides logistical support for retail operations. Connie originally started in 1990 as a retail salesperson.  After a 9-year hiatus, she returned in 2009 as the assistant office manager.  Aside from her passion for educating customers about native plants she is active in Larimer County 4-H, spending many summer evenings coaching Archery.

Dan Booth – Marketing Director

Dan develops and implements the nursery’s marketing strategy including advertising, community relations, sponsorships, and special events. He joined the staff in 2014 after working over a decade in sales and marketing focused positions in the music industry. He enjoys learning about plants and connecting with our passionate, plant loving community and all the wonderful organizations that Fort Collins Nursery partners with.



Troy Cobb – Greenhouse Manager, Greenhouse Stock & Hard Goods Buyer

  • Colorado Certified Nursery Professional
  • Certified Greenhouse Grower

Troy plans and buys annuals, vegetables, and houseplants for the Greenhouse as well as pottery and gifty items for the Garden Shop.  He joined Fort Collins Nursery in 2001 in the Greenhouse and took over that department’s management in 2005.  He has a passion for Orchids and rare succulents, and is focused on attracting as many hummingbirds to his yard as possible!


Dom Lopez – HR Manager

  • MS, SHRM-CP 

Dom is responsible for the Human Resources functions of the Fort Collins Nursery. He isn’t very good at growing plants, so he likes to think of himself as a gardener of people- watering them with a dash of policies, feeding them with some forms and watching them blossom and on-board into beautiful Nursery employees! Dom’s past experience includes working HR in the medical field and he graduated in 2020 with his Master’s degree in HR Management. Dom’s favorite thing about working at Fort Collins Nursery is the amazing people of course! When not working Dom enjoys spending time with his family, brewing beer, smoking food, fishing and the outdoors. 

Scott Swartzendruber – Nursery Manager, Nursery Stock & Hard Goods Buyer

  • Colorado Certified Nursery Professional
  • Certified Arborist

Scott is our Nursery Stock & Hard Goods Buyer. He also oversees the Nursery department (trees, shrubs & perennials) the Garden Shop and the Planting/Delivery crew. He has been with Fort Collins Nursery since 2000. He feels very fortunate to work in such a wonderful community and with such an amazing staff.


Nicole Bartron – Plant Receiving Manager, Assistant Production Manager

  • Colorado Certified Nursery Professional

Nicole assists in the daily operations of the production crew and receiving of outdoor nursery stock. She joined the staff in 2017 while finishing her B.S. in Biology at CSU and fell in love with working at the nursery and with the perennials. Nicole loves a good day of potting and the learning aspect of her job. There is never a day that you go home without learning something new from your coworkers/ plant community!


Bonnie Francis – Beds Maintenance Manager

  • Colorado Certified Nursery Professional

Bonnie is the Bed Maintenance Manager. She designs and maintains the appearance and upkeep in the display beds. Bonnie has a B.S of Landscape Horticulture from 2007 and since 2009 is also a Colorado Certified Nursery Professional.  She started at Fort Collins Nursery in 2005.  As child, Bonnie used to help her dad plant flower and vegetable gardens.  


Kristen Johnson – Garden Shop Manager

KristenWEBKristen is our Garden Shop Manager. She has been at Fort Collins Nursery since 2012. When she is not at the nursery you will find this Norwegian gal volunteering her time to Ski for Light, guiding blind cross-country skiers through the snow!

  • What plant at your home are you most proud of? My shamrocks because they make me feel like a super gardener!
  • Where did you grow up? Between Boulder and the Twin Cities, MN
  • What’s your favorite food? Edible Food
  • More than anything else, what did you want to be when you were a child? I wanted to be a barrel horse racer; my air horse and I were quite fast!

Eri Matsumura – Assistant Greenhouse Manager

Eri joined the Fort Collins Nursery in 2017 and is part of the Greenhouse management team.  She handles the hiring and scheduling of staff as well as the care and maintenance of all the plants in the greenhouse. Eri is an urban jungle enthusiast, with a vast collection of over 100 houseplants. Her favorites in her collection includes rare philodendrons and unique cacti and succulents.



Shannon Moreau – Assistant Nursery Manager

  • Colorado Certified Nursery Professional
  • CNGA Horizon Award Recipient

Shannon (She/ Her) is part of the outdoor management team and handles the hiring, scheduling and personnel things for the outdoor crew. She joined the nursery in 2015 while studying horticulture at CSU. After growing up around plants and a passion for the outdoors, working at Fort Collins Nursery with fellow plant people and the amazing community in northern Colorado has been a perfect fit.


Alex Tisthammer – Assistant Nursery Manager

  • Colorado Certified Nursery Professional
  • CNGA Horizon Award Recipient

Alex is one third of the Outdoor management team and handles the day-to-day operations in the outside department, concentrating mostly in the perennial area. She has worked at the nursery since 2013, and has worked in just about every department at one time or another. In 2019 she received her Colorado Certified Nursery Professional certification, as well as the Horizon Award from the CNGA. Growing up in Roosevelt National Forest and having a crazy plant lady as a mom, she has always been surrounded by nature and plants, so naturally this is the perfect place for her to work!

Bobby Townsend – Assistant Nursery Manager

  • Colorado Certified Nursery Professional

Bobby is part of the Outside management team and part of the Fort Collins Nursery family since 2012. He handles the day-to-day operations in the woodies department. A former WSU horticulturalist who has been in love with horticulture ever since he grew his first habanero, (and burned his face after forgetting to wash his hands post-harvest.) Bobby loves being around fellow plant people hiking among the plants in the mountains, and raising his kids to love plants just as much as him! 






Originally published on May 3rd, 2010. Updated on November 12th, 2021.