International Self Care Day

By Dom Lopez In today’s fast-paced world it can be hard to set some time aside for self-care. It has never been more important to support your physical and mental health, and spending time in your yard, garden, or even watering houseplants is a perfect way to do so. Spending time around plants can reduce […]

National Avocado Day

By Dom Lopez Today we celebrate one of the country’s most popular superfruits full of vitamins, omega-3 acids, and delicious flavor. You can probably think of someone who personifies an […]

National Potato Day

By Dom Lopez Literally nature’s perfect food, potatoes are one of the most versatile veggies out there. The renaissance root, potatoes can be cooked and enjoyed in every type of […]

National Beer Lovers Day

By Dom Lopez It's nearly impossible to live in Fort Collins and not enjoy beer, right? No matter where you go you're bound to either find a brewery, beer for […]

World Water Monitoring Day

By Dom Lopez Despite how it's felt this year, water is a commodity that is becoming more scarce and is crucial to the health of not only humans but the […]

First Day of Autumn

By Dom Lopez Despite the fact that Starbucks has already been selling their pumpkin spice lattes for about a month by this point, the 23rd of September is technically the […]