Get an early start on your garden by planting seeds this winter.  Seeds are less expensive than starter plants and come in hundreds of varieties not typically available as starts.  Perhaps more importantly, growing from seed gives a sense of accomplishment and something to do over these long winter months!

Fort Collins Nursery has a huge selection of flower, herb, and vegetable seeds available.  You’ll find all your favorite varieties from Baker Creek Heirloom Seed Co., Beauty Beyond Belief, Botanical Interests, Renee’s Garden, Seed Savers Exchange, and Territorial Seed Company in stock all winter long.  

Looking for something different to plant this year? Check out hundreds of interesting varieties from Baker Creek Heirloom Seed Co.  who specialize in rare and hard to find seeds from around the world, including Berkeley Tie-Dye Green Tomato, Scarlet Kale, Chinese Red Meat Radish, Blue Potatoes and Missouri Pipe Corn.  

Looking to support a great cause by simply purchasing your seeds?  Check out the extensive catalog from Seed Savers Exchange, a non profit 501(c)(3) status) organization dedicated to saving and sharing seeds. Seed Savers maintain a collection of more than 20,000 heirloom and open-pollinated vegetable, herb and plant varieties.

We are happy to save you money by covering shipping costs for special order seeds that we do not already have in stock from any of the companies we carry.  

  1. Browse the Baker Creek, Beauty Beyond Belief, Botanical Interests, Renee’s Garden,  Seed Savers or Territorial Seed online store.
  2. Put together your list (Please specify which catalog  you are ordering from)
  3. Email that list to
  4. We’ll let you know when your seeds are in and ready for you to pick up.

We also have all the seed starting supplies you need to get your seeds ready for spring including seed trays, heating mats, mini greenhouses, grow lights and potting and planting mix.


Originally published on January 5, 2016. Updated on February 1, 2019.

4 Responses to “Seeds”

  1. Elizabeth Slocomb says:

    I tried sprouting spices from my cabinet. It didn’t work. Can you order viable sesame seeds or peppercorns?

    • jesse says:

      Anything from your spice cabinet is unlikely to be a viable seed – they’ve typically been dried well beyond the point of being able to sprout. As far as peppercorns and sesame seeds in particular, both come from tropical plants that do not grow in this region and, as far as I’m aware, do not make good house plants, so there are not really any options for growing them yourself here in Colorado. I’ve never seen either one available from any seed vendors or seed catalogs.

  2. Michael C Reich says:

    Looking for fresh dwarf calamonsi seeds. Can you help?

    • jesse says:

      We can only special order seeds from the seed companies listed in the article. None of those companies carry calamonsi (aka calamondin) seed, likely because citrus, when grown from seed, do not reliably grow a plant that will produce the same fruit as the plant from which the seed came, much like apples. We do, however, carry calamondin plants, and they make excellent fruiting houseplants!

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