Are You an Obsessed Gardener?

Originally Published on June 28, 2011

Take this test to see if you may be developing a bit of an obsession.

Normal Gardener Obsessed Gardener
You know the Latin names of your plants. You use them in conversations…with the plants!
You know the pH of your soil. ALL your friends know the pH of your soil!
You are proud of your baby carrots. You carry pictures of them in your wallet/purse!
You love to grow and cook your own vegetables. Cook? Who has time to cook?
You have dirt under your fingernails. What fingernails?
You spend more money on plants than clothes. What clothes?
You have a charge account at Fort Collins Nursery. You now qualify for wholesale.
You know the virtues of hand-weeding. You use a headlamp to do it after dark!
You invest in fine quality gardening tools. You keep spare tools in your car for gardening emergencies!
You crush Colorado Potato Beetles with your bare fingertips. You love the sound it makes when you do.
You would never kill a ladybug. You bring them inside for the winter.
You have a compost heap. You take it’s temperature every day.
You won’t leave town when your tulips are blooming. … or your daffodils, lilacs, wisteria, roses, clematis, lilies …
You can name all the annuals in public flower beds. You automatically deadhead the flowers.
You have grown plants in funky containers. You grown plants in anything that hold soil!
You sadly replaced hail-damaged plants. You saved them all with a bucket over your head!

If you took this test at all, chances are you are a “normal” gardener, and what are you doing on the computer, anyway? There are weeds to pull!

Those with the obsession already know it! Come feed your need at Fort Collins Nursery.


Originally published on January 3rd, 2017.