From the Archives:

While winter is a time primarily for enjoying a rest from weeding, watering, mowing, and for reflecting on more subtle aspects of the landscape, there are several activities which are actually best suited for this time of year that will please you come spring:

  • Winter WateringPruning – Leaves restrict our view of branches, which makes this time ideal for spotting structural problems. Remove limbs that are broken or have narrow crotches, twin leaders, crossed branches, or dead and diseased wood. Live, healthy branches have plump buds and show green when scratched, so don’t be afraid.
  • Dormant Oil – On a day above 50 degrees, apply this to trees and woody shrubs to kill scales, mites, and aphids. Follow label instructions and look forward to fewer pests.
  • Watering – Much of our snow evaporates rather than melts, so many tender and young plantings need a drink. Feel soil by hand and water as needed.

If you have any questions about winter gardening and/or preparation for spring, please stop by the Nursery or give us a call to consult with one of our Nursery Professionals.

~ Resurrected from an article by Thomas Krafft in the Winter 1999 Fort Collins Nursery Tree Talk

Originally published on February 6th, 2012. Updated on March 17th, 2012.