Eastman: Is it Cold Yet?

This has been one of the longest, warmest autumns I can remember. In fact, I can’t remember a single Halloween where it wasn’t either snowing or at least bitter cold. Our nights have been relatively mild, our days sunny and warm, and we’ve only had one frost hard enough to finally kill our annuals and vegetables.

While this has been pleasant, (and I know I probably shouldn’t complain), those who know me can tell you that I am getting mighty anxious for winter to bare it’s frozen teeth. You see, I love winter. I think that somewhere way back in my family tree, there was a family of trees, and something in my DNA wants me to go dormant once a year.

Sure, I am fascinated by the sense of intrigue and adventure that often accompanies tropical plants, but I am a Colorado boy at heart, and for me that means that we have four distinct seasons, and each has its own unique charm. As much as it thrills me to see new plants spring forth and bloom in April and May and the bounty of fruits and vegetables in the summer, I find great comfort watching trees and flowers settle in for a well-deserved rest in the fall, and I long for the overwhelming sense of peacefulness that settles with the snows of winter.

It’s all a part of the mystery embodied in nature, and without it, I wonder whether I could find as much enjoyment in the constant change of the seasons. I’ve got my summer tan, and I’ve eaten well from my garden. Now, I’m ready for a nice long nap.

– Jesse Eastman, General Manager

Originally published on November 5th, 2010. Updated on April 26th, 2011.