This year we have over 40 tomato varieties that were diligently grown for you by our talented production team right here at Fort Collins Nursery.  Each plant was started with high-quality, organic seeds and re-potted into a 1 gallon container.  By the time our tomato plants are ready to sell, they are more mature than most store bought starts, so they’ll require less time between planting and producing tomatoes.  While the value is great, your favorite thing about our tomatoes will be how good they taste!  Look for the Fort Collins Nursery labeled containers to spot one of our own!

The following varieties are unique and delicious and recommended by our Production Manager himself:

Pink Berkeley Tie Dye

Unique appearance with heirloom-quality flavor.

8-16 oz. fruits are dark pink with green striping, and the flesh is pink with yellow streaks. The flavor is outstanding – sweet and complex like the finest heirlooms. The vigorous indeterminate plants performed much better than average under disease pressure in Johnny’s Selected Seeds Albion trials. Indeterminate. 70 Days to Maturity.



One of the most appealing extra-early tomatoes.

Fruits are early, deep red, and cold tolerant. Rich flavor. Smooth and globe-shaped, 4-6 oz. with a small stem scar. Indeterminate. 60 Days to Maturity.




Pruden’s Purple

Early Brandywine type.

Large to very large (many over 1 lb.) fruits are flattened and smooth (except for shoulder ribbing on some), and resist cracking. Vivid dark pink skin with crimson flesh. Medium tall, potato-leaf plants. Indeterminate. 67 Days to Maturity.



Black Cherry

Sweet and robust.

Bred in Florida by the late Vince Sapp, the round, 0.5 to 0.75 oz fruits are almost black in color. The flavor is dynamic – much like an heirloom. High yielding. Indeterminate. 64 Days to Maturity.




Tomato ‘Fiaschetto di Manduria’

Fiaschetto is a regional treasure of Puglia in Southeast Italy. These small 2-3 oz plum shaped tomatoes hang like grapes from the bushy plants in prolific quantities.  In Puglia it is preferred even over the more famous San Marzano for its freshness and fruitiness. The perfect size for halving and dehydrating for enjoying in the winter months on your pastas and pizzas. Extremely early harvest for a paste type and conveniently concentrated for processing purposes. Determinate. 65-70 Days to Maturity.

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