Fort Collins Nursery has over 40 tomato varieties that were diligently grown for you by our talented production team right here at Fort Collins Nursery.  Each plant was started with high-quality, organic seeds and re-potted into a 1 gallon container.  By the time our tomato plants are ready to sell, they are more mature than most store bought starts, so they’ll require less time between planting and producing tomatoes.  While the value is great, your favorite thing about our tomatoes will be how good they taste!  Look for the Fort Collins Nursery labeled containers to spot one of our own!

Here are some unique and delicious varieties to try:


Pruden’s Purple

Pruden’s Purple plants yield flattened and smooth fruits that are often over 1 lb. and have very few seeds. The tomatoes feature a dark, pink skin with crimson flesh that are resistant to cracking. These delicious fruits are often favorably compared to the renowned Brandywine variety. Pruden’s Purple are medium tall, potato-leaf plants that are indeterminate and take 67 days to reach maturity.


Tomato ‘Fiaschetto di Manduria’

Fiaschetto is a regional treasure of Puglia in Southeast Italy. These small 2-3 oz. plum shaped tomatoes hang like grapes from the bushy plants in prolific quantities.  In Puglia it is preferred even over the more famous San Marzano for its freshness and fruitiness. These tomatoes are perfect for halving and can be dehydrated and used during the winter months in pastas and pizzas.  Fiaschetto di Manduria plants have an extremely early harvest for a paste type tomato and fruit set is conveniently concentrated for processing purposes. They are determinate and take 65-70 days to reach maturity.


New Girl

New Girl plants produce high yields of 4-6 oz. tomatoes with a rich, full flavor. They are one of the first early season varieties with great flavor and are better tasting and more disease resistant than the Early Girl variety. New Girl plants are indeterminate and take 58-62 days to reach maturity.


Toma Verde Tomatillo

Toma Verde Tomatillos are an early maturing variety that produces good yields of large, green tomatillos.  The fruits are excellent for cooking and go well in salsas and Mexican dishes. The tomatillos should be harvested when the fruit fills the husk but is still green in color. Toma Verde plants are indeterminate and take 60 days to reach maturity.





Originally published on May 3rd, 2018. Updated on July 25th, 2019.