Bare Root Iris

Iris are beautiful and fragrant perennial flowers that are coveted by most gardeners.  They are hardy, reliable, and easy to grow. These beautiful flowers feature three larger outer petals and three inner petals, giving them their distinctive look. New to Fort Collins Nursery this summer is a fun selection of specialty bare root iris varieties grown right here in Colorado. Bare root iris are easy to plant, multiply by rhizomes, and come back year after year. For best the best results, they should be planted, divided, or transplanted in mid-late summer through fall. Here are some fun new varieties for you to consider:



Mid to late-season bloomer. 42”




Sheer Ecstasy

Early to midseason bloomer. 36”





Early to midseason bloomer. 40”




Katriel Leigh

Midseason bloomer. 36”





Mid to late-season bloomer. 37”




Mountain Sunbeams

Midseason bloomer. 40”




Bolder Boulder

Early rebloomer. 30”




Ruth Irene

Midseason bloomer. 38”




Originally published on August 1, 2018.

Originally published on August 1st, 2018.