Bringing the Outdoors In

Chances are, you have experienced or will experience stress in your life. Juggling class and work schedules, managing money, and battling homesickness can all take their toll on students’ mental health.

Flowering plants like the hibiscus can brighten up a dull space, according to Bonnie McBride, CSU alumna and assistant greenhouse supervisor at Fort Collins Nursery. Hibiscus can bloom during any season when grown indoors. […]

Bonnie McBride, CSU alumna and Assistant Greenhouse Supervisor for Fort Collins Nursery, shared her love of indoor gardening with College Avenue magazine, a publication of Rocky Mountain Student Media. Bonnie shared tips for choosing and maintaining houseplants for small spaces, light conditions and common mistakes.

Originally published on October 6th, 2010. Updated on November 29th, 2010.