FCN Plant Labels

At Fort Collins Nursery, we want to keep you informed about your plants’ needs and what plant suits your particular needs. In a busy planting season, it is easy to impulse buy according to how attractive a plant looks (and we think they all look good!)

Talk with a nursery representative about our wide variety of plants to match your wishes, and both you and the plant will have many successful growing seasons to come.

Take care to read plant signs and stick tags, and notice the particular requirements of the plant. We try to include a photo and description of each plant’s growing habits (average height and spread); light and watering needs; wildlife-resistance; bloom and fruit growth; and more.

If you haven’t had success with a certain plant, the solution may be as simple as moving it to a different location or changing watering habits. We can help you troubleshoot, or make recommendations.

And remember, we stand by our plants! If  you’re not satisfied, we offer a guarantee. Bring in your receipt and the plant in one year from the date of purchase for  perennials, trees and shrubs or 30 days for annuals and garden shop items. Become a Garden Club Member and your returns or exchanges are easier! See store or call 970-482-1984 for more details.

Originally published on May 5th, 2011. Updated on March 3rd, 2023.