Greenhouse Stock Rising

GreenhousePlantsOver the past several weeks we have packed our greenhouse with tons of new inventory.  Here are some noteworthy varieties for you to check out next time you visit us:

Banana trees (although they are technically giant herbs!) do very well as ornamental potted plants outside here in Colorado, and can live indoors as houseplants through the cold months.  If you don’t want to move them indoors, the leaves themselves are excellent as mulch.   In the tropics they are even used to wrap up food and as plates, which would certainly be an interesting accessory to picnics and barbecues.

Comfrey is one of the most versatile plants that could be added to any garden.  Its roots reach 8-10 feet into the earth and draw out hard to reach minerals and store them.   It grows quickly, and the nutrient rich leaves can be turned into a potent fertilizer, mixed directly into the soil, used a layer of mulch, or to greatly speed up the activation of compost.   Comfrey also contains the chemical allantoin, which speeds up cell formation and is responsible for its nickname, “knitbone.”  For the specific medicinal uses (and there are many!) we urge you to contact your favorite apothecary.

One of our favorites is the carnivorous and exotic Pitcher Plant.    It attracts insects with its alluring visual lures and sweet smelling nectar, and then drowns them and slowly dissolves them.  This truly unique houseplant is a lovely conversation piece for any well-lit room in your home.

Originally published on May 5th, 2015.