Living Air Ware™ Collectibles

Living Air Ware® Collectibles is a delightful new product line that brings air plants to life in a whole new way!  Each Collectible is styled out of a polymer clay and made to resemble a sea life creature, wild animal or other fantasy character.  The fun part is that they are also a living habitat for air plants that have been thoughtfully incorporated into the design concept to be a physical characteristic of the Collectible.  For example, in featured designs the air plant becomes the tentacles of the jellyfish, the mane of a lion, and the coronet of a seahorse. Each Collectible is specially fabricated to allow breathing room and proper water drainage while giving the air plant a good space to attach its roots.  

Air plants are extremely easy to care. Simply submerge them in water overnight twice a month and mist them 1-2 time weekly. Although each Collectible comes with easy care instructions, we recommend doubling the watering rate recommended due to Colorado’s particularly dry.


Originally published on October  3, 2018.  

Originally published on October 3rd, 2018.