Mums the Word!

Looking for some late-summer, early fall perennial bloomers? Add a colorful chrysanthemum to your flower bed or fall container garden! We have moved hundreds of these prolific, hardy and beautifully bushy perennials to our retail benches.

Mums come in a wide variety of colors, from yellow, pink, magenta, red, lavender, and more. Blooms on mums typically last for weeks providing a late-summer boost when other flowers have given out. And did you know that mum’s flowers are edible?

We also offer a great selection of colorful asters, also a hardy late-summer and fall bloomer. Small, abundant, star-shaped flowers tower on 2-3 foot plants, providing a nice backdrop in perennial beds.

Both mums and asters appreciate full sun, and a good dose of compost when planted. They also prefer water at their base, not on the leaves, which encourages powdery mildew.

Come check out our selection.


Originally published on August 11th, 2011. Updated on August 29th, 2011.