Pruning & Arborist Recommendations

Need help with pruning? Here are Fort Collins Nursery’s recommended companies:

Pruning, Large Plants

Lumber Jack & Jill Tree Service: plus chipping 308-3358

Jordan’s Tree Moving & Maintenance: plus chipping and stump grinding 482-6331

Davey/Alpine:  plus chipping 484-3635

Kincaid Tree Surgery: 484-8733

The Pruner: plus chipping large quantities 223-2885

Fine Tree Service: 377-2851

Swingle Lawn, Tree & Landscape Care: plus chipping: 221-1287


Pruning, Small Plants

Lumber Jack & Jill Tree Service: shrubs 308-3358

Kincaid Tree Service: plus chipping 484-8733

Throgmorton Plant Management: shrubs 980-1466

The Pruner: plus chipping, large quantities, full yard 223-2885

Zavala Landscaping: shrubs; small trees 221-5657

Davey/Alpine: 484-3635

Jordan’s Tree Moving & Maintenance: 482-6331

Precision Cut Lawns: small pruning up to 15’ & full maintenance 484-2252

Garden Art: small trees & plants 490-6186

Fine Tree Service: 337-2851

Swingle Lawn, Tree & Landscape Care: 221-1287

Peak Designs: Ed Gurza 231-4385

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