Syndicate Home and Garden Terrariums & Pottery

Now that it’s cold and winter is fully upon us, we start looking for ways to bring a little bit of green indoors.  Houseplants and succulents provide some much needed relief for the winter doldrums and give us the opportunity to utilize our green thumbs. As we find joy in these indoor plants, we also seek fun decorative ways to display them.  This winter, Fort Collins Nursery is carrying a line of Syndicate Home and Garden terrarium and pottery products designed with fashion and function in mind.

Here are some fun, easy to use products to get you started:

  • Floating Orb Terrarium Garden Kit:  Bring a fresh feeling to the home all year long with the help of a Floating Orb Garden Kit.  Use the included jute string to hang in your space, or rest on your shelf. Kit includes terrarium, bag of soil mix, bag of moss, and bag of stones.


  • Cloche Terrarium Kit:  The newest terrarium kit from Syndicate has all the makings of a classic. Materials and plants can be easily layered inside the glass enclosure. These cloches provide plenty of room for tall, leafy plants. Kit includes terrarium, bag of soil mix, bag of moss, and bag of stones.


  • Artisan Glass Terrarium:  A fluid shape provides an artistic touch to Syndicate’s newest glass terrarium, aptly named the Artisan. The wide mouth opening provides plenty of room to arrange and maintain plants and creations.


  • Mixed Material Glass Terrarium:  A juxtaposition between airy and weighty, these mixed material terrariums create a beautiful backdrop for any eco-arrangement. Plant and prune with ease thanks to their wide mouth openings.


  • Geometric Hanging Terrariums:  Embrace the industrial style with geometric hanging terrariums! Multi-faceted glass with metal accents hangs like artwork with or without plants.


  • Terrarium Tools:  Tend to your terrarium with precision and style! Extended handles allow easy access to care for plants and mosses.


  • Urban Earth Pottery:  Urban Earth uses the best of minimal and organic design to create pieces decorators and gardeners will love. On the back patio or in a studio apartment, these beautifully rustic pieces are sure to stand out. Each piece includes a drainage tray, ensuring proper conditions for healthy plants.


  • Urban Wave Pottery:  Made of durable, light ceramic material, these stylish containers are great for drop-ins or succulents. The soft ripple texture has a sophisticated look that won’t crack or fade.


  • Modern Cork Pottery:  Embrace two of the year’s biggest trends: cork and concrete. Created from all natural and durable materials, this trend-forward design will add a fresh look to any space. The Modern Cork Collection is suitable for indoor or outdoor use.

Originally published on January 3rd, 2018.