Bare Root Strawberries, Hops, and Rhubarb

Bare root plants are dormant plants that have no soil around the roots. This allows them to easily adapt to the soil conditions of their new environment.  Not only are they extremely simple to plant, but they are very affordable and easy to transport as well.  

March and April are considered bare root season in Colorado and generally speaking, if you can work the soil it is OK to plant.  Bare root plants have been stored in cool temperatures over the winter so the cold soil will not be a shock to them. It is however a good idea to cover up their roots to protect them from any potential deep frost that may occur.  Placing the plants in potting soil and covering them with mulch will help shield the roots and hold in moisture until the threat of frost is over.  

Ideally, you should plant bare root plants soon after purchase.  If the ground is still frozen or you simply get too busy, plants should be stored in a cool dry spot until you’re ready to plant. Warmer temperatures can cause the plants to emerge from their dormancy prematurely so storing in a cool environment like a refrigerator, root cellar, garage, or basement will inhibit premature growth.
Fort Collins Nursery has bare root rhubarb, strawberries and hops in stock including (but not limited to) the following varieties:

Ozark Beauty Strawberry

Ozark Beauty strawberries are everbearing plants that produce a steady and abundant yield from spring to fall. These tasty strawberries are deep red, firm and sugary sweet. They taste great fresh or frozen and in preserves.

Height: 10-12 in.

Spacing: 12-18 in.

Water: Prefers moist well drained soil

Sun: Plant in full sun


Cascade Hops

This productive vining plant has large, attractive flowers used for flavoring beer. They have a very distinct aroma of citrus and spice with a hint of grapefruit. These are the most-used hop in US craft brewing.

Height: 20-25 ft.

Width: 10 ft.

Water: Prefers moist well drained soil

Sun: Plant in full sun


Crimson Red Rhubarb

Crimson Red rhubarb has exceptionally sweet, bright red stalks that erupt out of the soil in early summer. Rhubarb will do best if planted in slightly amended soil and can tolerate partial shade. To prevent seeding in other areas, cut down the flower stalk. The leaves are poisonous if eaten so keep away from small children and pets.

Height: 2-3’

Width: 2-3’

Water: Moderate-Low

Sun: Plant in full sun

Originally published on March 2nd, 2018. Updated on September 5th, 2019.