DZI Handmade Felt Products

Our garden shop has just received a number of cute, felt made products from dZi Handmade.  dZi is a founding member of the Fair Trade Federation and works directly with over 1,000 Tibetan, Indian and Nepalese artisans to create, import and market designs that celebrate the beauty of the natural world and the amazing culture of Tibet. Your purchases help support artisans and their families and communities, and provide employment in a safe and healthy work environment. Visit us this month and check out these great, new additions:

Wild Woolie Birdhouses

These adorable felt birdhouses are totally unique, decorative, fun and functional…and your birds will think so too!

Wild Woolie birdhouses come in a variety of charming designs including suns, beehives, fancy houses, sunflowers, and even taco trucks! They are made from 100% natural wool, eco-friendly dyes, and renewable/ recyclable material. Designed for outdoors, they are water repellant, dirt resistant, and naturally durable. They are easy to clean and any old nesting material can be removed through the bottom. The 1.25” opening is perfect for attracting small, adventurous birds such as Chickadee, Nuthatch, Titmouse, Wren, and Downy Woodpecker. You can also enlarge the hole to 1.5” to attract larger bluebirds & tree swallows. Wild Woolie birdhouses also make great indoor decorations and work well in sun rooms, kitchens, bedrooms, or as a door greeter.

Wild Woolie Bird Ornaments

Wild Woolie Bird Ornaments are made from 100% natural wool, eco-friendly dyes, and renewable/ recyclable material. They are great for decorating holiday trees, garlands and wreaths, or used as a fun decorative accent any time of the year. These highly collectible items are perfect for nature lovers and birders.

Story Jars & Bottle Ornaments

Each of these pint sized, cork topped jars and ornaments contain an adorable little scene made of felt. These decorative displays are completely handmade using natural, woolen fibers and earth-friendly dyes.  Each delightful scene includes a variety of elements like cacti, desert themes, garden gnomes, mice, and mushrooms. 

Originally published on February 4th, 2020.