Fall Nursery Stock

When fall arrives, many nurseries are wrapping up the season and ready to shut the doors for the winter. You might expect to find the same tired looking stock that has been out on the shelves all season, the leftovers of what has not sold, but not at Fort Collins Nursery! Each fall we release loads of fresh new plants into our inventory throughout the month of September. We have freshly stocked perennials including fall favorites like mums plus dozens of new shrubs and trees that were grown right here at the nursery by our talented production team. We also receive truckloads of great new tree stock from some of our trusted wholesale growers. Our fall selection is hands down the best you’ll find, and fall is a great time to plant – warm soils encourage rapid root establishment while the coming cold weather means the plants aren’t spending energy growing foliage and blooming, leaving all that energy for root growth.

We’ll have a fresh selection of inventory after Labor Day with more shipments arriving throughout the month of September. Call or stop in to see what is available.

Originally published on September 5th, 2018. Updated on August 31st, 2023.