Perennial Hibiscus

Perennial Hibiscus is one of our summer favorites and will be back in stock around the middle of July. Also known as Rose Mallow, these plants are large, fast-growing, and cold hardy.  They are valued by gardeners for their huge exotic flowers and showy foliage which make for a perfect addition to any perennial border. Because of their size, they are a great choice to plant against a large fence or wall, or as a showy substitute for many small and medium shrubs. Most varieties produce beautiful blooms in white, pink, red and bi-colors, with individual blooms lasting for one or two days. Hibiscus start flowering in July and last until frost so they make a perfect late summer addition to your garden!


Berry Awesome

Hibiscus ‘Berry Awesome’

The “Berry Awesome” Hibiscus has lavender pink flowers and a red eye, with contrasting deep midnight green foliage. The plant gets nicknamed “dinner plate Hibiscus” because the flowers on this plant are a whopping 7”-8” wide. The flowers are produced from the top to the bottom of the plant, rather than just at the top like some other cultivars. The foliage forms a rounded habit and will be ready to show off from midsummer into early fall. ‘Berry Awesome’ is the perfect backdrop or centerpiece for sunny borders. Use it in place of a shrub in your garden.

  • Height: 4’
  • Spread:5’-5’
  • Hardiness Zones:4-9
  • Flower Color:Pink/Red
  • Foliage Color:Green
  • Sunlight: Full to Part Sun (minimum 4-6 hrs. Direct Sun)


Cranberry Crush

Hibiscus ‘Cranberry Crush’

The ‘Cranberry Crush’ Hibiscus has a short but full, compact habit and scarlet red flowers. Flowers are produced all along the flowering stems rather than just at the top like some other cultivars. The buds are near-black and open to glossy, scarlet red flowers that are 7”-8” inch wide with heavily overlapping petals.  These dramatic blossoms cover the plant from midsummer to early fall and are set against a perfect backdrop of glossy deep green leaves with slight purple overtones.

  • Height:4’
  • Spread:4-5’
  • Hardiness Zones:4-9
  • Flower Color:Red
  • Foliage Color:Green
  • Sunlight: Full to Part Sun (minimum 4-6 hrs. Direct Sun)


Perfect Storm

Hibiscus ‘Perfect Storm’

The ‘Perfect Storm’ Hibiscus features dark foliage like the beloved ‘Summer Storm’ Hibiscus but grows to a much more manageable size of 3’ tall.  Perfect Storm’ has huge, 7”-8” white flowers with pink edged petals and a bright red eye that radiates out the veins. The flowers bloom from midsummer into early fall. 

  • Height:3’
  • Spread:5-5’
  • Hardiness Zones:4,5,6,7,8,9
  • Flower Color:Pink shades
  • Foliage Color:Green shades
  • Sunlight: Full to Part Sun (minimum 4-6 hrs. Direct Sun)

Originally published on July 3rd, 2018. Updated on August 5th, 2019.