Raspberries_NLRaspberry plants are in the genus Rubus of the rose family and are one of the hardiest of the bush fruits.  They are relatively easy to grow and thrive in cooler climates like we have along the northern Front Range.  They are one of the few fruits that are seldom bothered by disease and pests.  The delicious berries are filled with antioxidants, Vitamin A, Vitamin C, and Vitamin E.

When selecting a raspberry plant there are two options to choose from:  Summer-bearing plants, which produce fruit in June, or fall-bearing plants, which produce fruit in the late summer and fall.  At Fort Collins Nursery we have several varieties to choose from including the following:


RaspberryShortcake_NLShortcake Raspberry

Height: 1-3 Ft.  Width: 1-2 Ft.

Traits: This exciting new dwarf, thornless raspberry has a lovely rounded habit and is well suited for large patio containers, or in the landscape where it might spread a bit.  This self-fertile plant yields large, nutritious berries in the summer.

Water: Moderate

Bloom: Spring

Zones: 5


AutumnBrittenRaspberries_NLAutumn Britten Raspberry

Traits: An improved version of the Autumn Bliss.  This fall-bearing plant ripens a whole month earlier than Heritage.  Huge, red, firm and ultra-flavorful fruit that is ready to start harvesting in July and can last for weeks.  The plant is taller than other varieties with bigger, better fruit but lower yields.  Needs to be planted closer together than other varieties.

Water: Moderate

Zones: 3


RoyaltyRaspberries_NLRoyalty Raspberry

Height: Varies

Traits: This popular summer bearing variety is a cross of purple and red raspberries, combining the desirable features of both.  Coupling the large fruit and vigor of the purple with the high fruit quality of red raspberries.  The sweet, light flavor makes them excellent for jams & Jellies.

Water: Moderate

Bloom: Spring

Zones: 4


BristolBlackRaspberries_NLBristol Black Raspberry

Height: 4-5 Ft.  Width: 3-4 Ft.

Traits: A large attractive black berry with fairly glossy skin and firm flesh.  An upright growth habit and clustered berries makes harvest a cinch.  This summer bearing variety is hardy and productive but prefers a location sheltered from the wind with full sun and acidic soil.

Originally published on July 1st, 2016. Updated on September 5th, 2019.