Spring-Planted Bulbs

Spring-planted bulbs produce dramatic summer garden color with minimal effort and are a great addition to your garden.  Not to be confused with “Fall Bulbs” which are planted in fall but flower in spring, “Spring-Planted Bulbs” are also known as “Summer Flowering Bulbs.”  Spring-planted bulbs are tender and will not survive cold ground temperatures and should generally be planted around the last frost date or when you plant your vegetable garden. Because they are not cold hardy, spring bulbs should be dug up, stored, and then replanted every year or grown as annuals.  To get a quick start on growing your summer flowering bulbs, pot them indoors 1-2 months before planting time and transplant them outside and into your garden after our last frost. Remember – the average last frost date in Northern Colorado is May 15th and it can be several weeks later in Southern Wyoming.

We currently have a great selection of dahlia, canna, gladiolus, begonia, crocosmia, lily and more.

Originally published on March 1st, 2019. Updated on May 1st, 2024.