Succulents and succulent gardens are hugely popular, and with good reason. They are a low-maintenance approach to gardening and provide attractive and stylish options for everyone from first time plant parents to seasoned pros. They are pest-resistant, enjoy moderate to bright light, require low water and can go dry between watering. Nearly anything can be used as a container for succulents, as long as you consider the importance of drainage for these drought-loving plants (using cactus and succulent soil can help prevent wet feet).  Container examples include tea cups, jars, glasses, vases, bowls, and aquariums. We have a large selection of plants, containers, and potted succulent gardens to supply your demand! 

Like houseplants, succulents can help you relax and breathe easy. Studies have shown that indoor plants can improve your concentration and boost your overall mood, making your day more productive and relaxing. Pick up a beautiful succulent from our greenhouse and find out why they are so popular!

Originally published on December 28th, 2018. Updated on October 30th, 2020.