Turn a simple glass container into your own self sustained, petite world! Glass terrariums create the perfect growing environment for plants and also add some life to your office desk, the nook in your kitchen, or a child’s room. Terrariums are easy to make, are highly water efficient, and require minimal maintenance! Build your own terrarium and find out why people are so hooked on this whimsical and easy way to grow plants!

Check out our new stock from the Cohasset Molten Glass collection. The bases of these beautiful sculptures are made from the root of the Gumal Tree or reclaimed Teak, recycled from the large market of Balinese Teak and other hard wood furniture. The glass vessel is made from recycled hand blown glass that is formed to fit the detailed contours of the wood base. Each molten glass sculpture is a completely unique piece of art and no two are alike! Cohasset Molten Glass sculptures can be used as a vase, aquarium, terrarium or just admired for their natural beauty.

We also have a wonderful assortment of decorative desktop displays, hanging orbs, cork topped glass jars and more plus all the plants, rocks, moss and supplies you’ll need to create your own terrarium. If you need a push in the right direction, Fort Collins Nursery also has a variety of all-inclusive kits that have everything you need to get you started.

Originally published on January 4th, 2023. Updated on January 5th, 2024.