10 Perennials in Bloom in July

By Alex Tisthammer 

July is full of summer swims to escape the heat, tomatoes and parties! Corn is knee high (or at least it is supposed to be if we planted it on time). Fat bumble bees are lazily flying from flower to flower, in no rush and weighted down with large amounts of pollen. 

If you are planning a party or having a wedding in July, here are some showstoppers that are just as spectacular as the fireworks and will be blooming around that time!

·      Asiatic Lilies- Many different types in a wide array of colors and heights, many are fragrant! Put in the middle of the garden to hide the bare stems when they are done blooming and start to go dormant. Great option for a cutting garden. 

·      Daylilies- They don’t just come orange! They come in every color and height under the sun. Some varieties like ‘Stephanie Returns’ and ‘Stella de Oro’ bloom all summer long.  

·      Coneflowers- Another group of plants that come in almost every color under the sun, the purple coneflower being the most beneficial for pollinators. The seed heads are also a food source for birds over the winter. 

·      Wild Petunia- A unique plant you don’t see for sale often with sparkly lavender flowers. Will be right at home in any crevice or rock garden. 

·      Kniphofia- Also known as a Poker plant, it has tall orange, red or yellow flowers that resemble an aloe flower. It gives a desert vibe to any garden. 

·      Desert Four O’ Clock- Pink flowers that open in the afternoon sun, hence the name. It can get quite large over time so make sure to give it plenty of room. Native. 

·      Bee Balm- Perfect for wetter areas that need some height. The pom-pom flowers are available in various warm tones, while the native comes in a lavender. Hummingbirds love this plant!  

·      Crocosmia- Arching stems lined with red flowers are truly striking. Hummingbirds also love this plant. Is sold as a plant or can be purchased as bulbs.  

·      Creeping Potentilla- A cheery ground cover with flowers that are yellow, apricot or pink. The foliage resembles strawberry leaves. 

·      Red Texas Yucca- A desert plant with tall spires of red flowers that hummingbirds and hawk moths enjoy. Can take hot western sun. 

Originally published on July 17th, 2023.