Add a splash to summer

Now that most of the planting has been done, summer blooms call us to linger in the garden a little longer. As you’re relaxing outdoors, it’s a great time to think structure and embellish your landscape.

Have a small, tucked away corner? Add a sturdy garden bench to linger and renew your perspective. Lead the way with our decorative stepping stones.

How about a hot, dry patio? Imagine the cooling effect of trickling water from a beautiful and unique patio fountain or a misting system that you can install in minutes and bring the temperature down by up to 20 degrees. The birds will appreciate it, too! You could also encourage more backyard birds with strategically placed bird baths.

Add height anywhere with a freestanding trellis, perfect for climbing clematis, or plant stand, a great way to feature a blooming annual patio pot!

Hardscape features add focal points and year-round interest. Spend some time on our patio and you’ll see!


Originally published on July 24th, 2012. Updated on September 3rd, 2019.