Christmas Tree Care

Deck your halls with a fresh cut, Colorado native Llodgepole Pine or Subalpine Fir from Fort Collins Nursery! You can keep your tree fresh with a little care.

When you get your tree home, cut about an inch off the trunk, and immediately place the trunk in a reservoir of water. Keep this reservoir full, and check every day or so. We also recommend a homemade preservative solution of 1 gallon warm water, 1 cup light syrup and 1/4 cup bleach. This solution will help keep mold at bay, feed the tree and replenish moisture.

Add a dose of prevention from wilting Christmas trees, evergreen wreaths or garland with a protective coating of Wilt Pruf Plant Protector. This unique spray coats needles to prevent moisture loss, keeping evergreens lasting longer and less needle loss. Wilt Pruf also works year-round on plants stressed by drought, windburn and transplant shock.

Originally published on December 8th, 2010. Updated on December 2nd, 2022.