Plant a kitchen herb garden

Whether indoors or out, a fresh culinary delight can be found in a kitchen herb garden. It’s easy to do, and a beautiful, edible addition to any garden, patio or windowsill.

First, find a container that provides plenty of room for your herbs roots and good drainage. Place a pottery shard or rock over the drainage hole to avoid soil loss when watering.

Chose a rich, light potting mix or amend your outdoor bed with a compost full of organic matter, such as peat moss. Since your herbs are going to be consumed, only use organic fertilizers or pesticides.

Choose herbs that you know and love to eat, but group according to water needs. Also factor in that some herbs like to spread, like mint, thyme and oregano, and should be planted in containers. Perennial woody herbs, such as rosemary, are best purchased as a plant, where as annual herbs, like cilantro, can be successfully started from seed.

Harvest herbs before they flower for the best taste. You can control flowering by pinching off flower buds.

Originally published on April 27th, 2012. Updated on June 29th, 2022.