Spider mites love dry indoor conditions

Colorado winters are often a very dry time of year, both inside and out. This warm, dry indoor climate is an optimal condition for spider mites, a common plant pest.

Spider mites are small, and difficult to spot. Inspect your houseplants for small flecks of discoloration and leaf loss. They also produce areas of webbing, which are easier to see. Bring in a sample of your troubled plant, and a Greenhouse representative can help diagnose it.

The best prevention for spider mites is proper watering. Raising the humidity level for houseplants creates an unfriendly environment for mites. Spraying webbed areas with a jet of water can also help. Try grouping houseplants together, or introducing a humidifier. If these methods do not work, contact us for insecticide recommendations.

Originally published on February 10th, 2011. Updated on September 3rd, 2019.