Toughen up your lawn

Kentucky bluegrass has gotten a bad rap as a high water-consuming lawn grass. Many folks have ripped out bluegrass and started over with fescue, blue gramma or buffalograss.

The establishment period of these alternative grasses often takes more water, and usually has to be reseeded. In many periods of drought and watering restrictions, some alternative grasses die out while bluegrass bounced back.

Alternative grasses work in specific applications, but if you already have bluegrass, it is possible to “toughen” it up. Even though many long for a golf-course green lawn, a little browning in the heat of summer is not a bad thing, it’s normal. Less frequent watering assures the grass can tolerate more heat stress.

Regular mowing, aerating and fertilizing is also essential for a healthy lawn. Our garden shop representatives can help pick a fertilizer that’s right for your lawn and discuss the optimal time of year.


Originally published on July 7th, 2011. Updated on May 30th, 2019.