Blooming Trees – Essence of Spring

There are many differing opinions on which plant truly says “Spring!” Some say pansies, with their squinting faces peering up even through snow. Some say forsythia with its long graceful arms clad in a brilliant gold. For me though, these are nice, but they are not the essence of spring. No, for me the true kings of spring are blooming trees.

There are plenty of annuals and perennials that blanket the ground in color throughout spring and summer. Shrubs, too, put on petal-laden shows that explode into view throughout the year. But nearly all blooming trees do their dance during spring.

You don’t find crabapples flowering in July. Plums and cherries don’t blossom in August. No, nearly all trees, from dwarfish ornamentals to towering skyscrapers put it all out there at nearly the same time, filling our skies with color and fragrance like nothing else can. What a wonderful way to say goodbye to winter and welcome spring!

Originally published on April 2nd, 2012.