Pest control the natural way

Try fighting pests with their natural enemies! Beneficial insects prey upon pests that damage your plants.

In our Garden Shop you can seasonally find ladybugs, praying mantid eggs, earth worms and nematodes. We may also be able to order predatory mites to control spider mites, tricho-gramma to control caterpillars, green lacewings to control aphids and delphastus to control white flies.

We offer Plan Bee! mason bee nests, to encourage these wonderful (and threatened) pollinators, to encourage an active population in your yard.

Got grasshoppers? Try Nolo Bait, a long-term grasshopper suppression agent made of wheat bran coated in spores. The hoppers eat the bran and become infected. This bait is safe to use around humans, pets, birds and wildlife!

Diatomaceous Earth is another natural insect control. The “earth” is actually tiny fossilized hard-shelled algae that is mildly abrasive. For insects like ants, this irritates them and causes dehydration.

Worms waste product (castings) make excellent fertilizer!

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Originally published on April 2nd, 2012. Updated on September 4th, 2019.