Blobhouse Garden Pet Planters

Blobhouse is a line of garden sculptures and planters by Portland, Oregon based artist Gesine Kratzner in collaboration with Georgetown Home & Garden. Kratzner is an internationally renowned artist with a passion for drawing and sculpting whimsical, squiggly creatures and developing worlds and stories for them to inhabit. Her art can be found in children’s books, award winning animated commercials, and galleries along the West Coast. In 2017, she partnered with Georgetwon Home & Garden to transform these delightful little creatures into a line of functional garden sculptures and planters known as Garden Pets. These pet sculptures are individually tagged and given cute names such as Cosmo, T-Bone, Elvis, Otto, and Arlo. In addition to being fun and whimsical, the planters look fantastic when filled with small houseplants and succulents. Blobhouse planters are lightweight and made of durable polyresin material, complete with a drain hole.

Originally published on November 1st, 2017.