Elizabeth Keith Wall Art

Elizabeth Keith Designs is a Cary, North Carolina based company with a mission to inspire, calm and delight you through creative garden art.  The centerpiece of their product line is a collection of whimsical garden suns with faces. Each face displays a unique personality and emotions of calm and happiness. The sun faces are sculpted in clay to achieve warmth and character before being cast in durable materials for production.  The faces are then superimposed upon a background of beautiful, twisted metal rays.

In addition to the sun faces, Elizabeth Keith has a wide variety of wonderful metal word signs and metal garden art to choose from. The metal word signs feature fun and catchy phrases like “You Are My Sunshine,” “This Wine is Making Me Awesome,” “Let it Bee,” and “Talk Dirt to Me.” The metal art collection includes many popular sellers like the Tree of Life, Cat on the Moon, Birds on a Branch, and Sea Horse. Each piece is made with recycled metal and cement and intended for indoor or outdoor use.

Stop by Fort Collins Nursery to shop from our great selection of Elizabeth Keith wall art and add to your home and garden collection today.  

Originally published on November 1st, 2017.