Holiday Bulbs

Beautiful colorful blooms are irresistible as winter sets in and Fort Collins Nursery has a wide variety of easy to grow amaryllis, paperwhite and pre-chilled hyacinth bulbs in stock to brighten your holiday season.


Amaryllis are tropical plants grown from bulbs that produce huge, vibrant blooms with trumpet shaped blossoms. Of all the flowering bulbs, amaryllis are the easiest to grow. Plant the bulbs in good potting soil in pots with drainage holes so the roots won’t get waterlogged. Water regularly, provide them with bright indirect light, and your plant should begin blooming six to eight weeks after planting.  As a general rule of thumb, plant your bulbs by October 15th for them to bloom by Thanksgiving, early November for them to bloom by Christmas, and mid-November for them to bloom by the New Year.

Fort Collins Nursery has many wonderful amaryllis varieties to choose from.

For an intense red color try Double Dragon with wide red petals and multiple bloom stocks or Red Lion with huge, bright red blossoms that are the standard for traditional red colored amaryllis. For a white option, try the elegant Arctic Nymph with large, glacial-white blossoms with hints of green inside. If you prefer shades of pink, Rosalie is a cheerful variety with large, salmon-pink flowers adorned with white highlights or there’s the show stopping Neon with electrifying magenta pink flowers brushed with white. Looking for a nice mixed color flower? We have Apple Blossom featuring spectacular flowers in white with pink pastel and Papilo with striking blooms of maroon, bronze, and cream on dark green foliage. There’s also Clown, an old favorite with large blooms and broad red and white stripes.


Paperwhites (closely related to the common daffodil) produce small white blooms that are intoxicatingly fragrant and are quick and easy to grow indoors. They prefer well-drained soil but most varieties can also be grown in water and pebbles. Place them indoors near a bright, sunny window and keep the soil slightly moist during active growing periods. If planting in water and pebbles, monitor the water levels and make sure the bulbs never sit in standing water which causes mold. Paperwhites generally take 4-6 weeks to bloom and have fresh-looking blooms for 14-20 days. Try planting a new batch every 2 to 3 weeks from October to January for continuous indoor blooms throughout the season.

We have several Paperwhite varieties waiting to bloom. There’s the ever popular Ziva, featuring big clusters of pure white, sweetly scented flowers. For more sensitive noses, the nearly scentless Inbal variety is a beautiful pure white and only lightly scented.

Pre-chilled Hyacinth

Hyacinth bulbs produce intensely fragrant flowers in a variety of bright colors. They are naturally spring-blooming perennials but can also be forced to grow indoors during the winter months. To force the blooms, bulbs must be chilled in a dark place at a temperature of 35 to 48 degrees for at least 13 weeks. Fort Collins nursery has pre-chilled hyacinth bulbs available so you can skip this step and get right to planting. Plant the bulbs by placing them in a pot on a 2 inch layer of compost and fill compost around them so the top of each bulb is visible. Lightly water to moisten the compost, cover them and keep them to a dark and cool location for 3-4 weeks while they acclimate and begin to wake up. When 1-2″ of green growth appears you can move them to a warmer area in your home that receives indirect sunlight and flowers will appear 2-4 weeks later. Once it’s bloomed, move it to a full sun location with cooler temperatures for the entire bloom period.

Tips: Hyacinth bulbs can irritate the skin, so wear gloves when handling them. Hyacinth bulbs are toxic to humans and pets so keep them out of the reach of kids and critters. 

Fort Collins Nursery has the following varieties of pre-chilled hyacinth bulbs available and ready to plant!

Pink Pearl is a highly fragrant hyacinth featuring a pearly luster that covers each deep pink flower, making it appear alomst iridescent. The heavenly scent and the beautiful deep pink color make the Jan Bos Hyacinth a world favorite. Delft Blue is highly fragrant and bears single, porcelain blue flowers. The award winning Carnegie is a pristine white hyacinth with luminous snow-white spikes and large, open florets. The fragrant and delicate Aiolos has ivory white florets with cream highlights that gradually matures to a traditional bright white.

Don’t forget a bulb planter, vase, or pebbles to complete the look. We also offer waxed amaryllis bulbs and pre-packaged kits, the perfect gift for anyone on your list.

Originally published on November 2nd, 2018. Updated on November 1st, 2023.