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Holiday Greenery

It’s impossible to imagine the holiday season without plants and greenery coming to mind. Presents under a tree, brightly colored poinsettia displayed on the dinner table and wreaths to greet guests as they arrive at the front door. At Fort Collins Nursery, you’ll find a great selection of fresh cut and living (potted) trees, wreaths, garland, evergreen boughs, and more to embellish your home with holiday spirit!

This year’s first batch of fresh cut trees should arrive just in time for our Holiday Hoopla Sale beginning November 21st. Looking for something different this year? Bring home a potted living tree to display on your porch or patio. A living tree can be brought indoors to decorate the week of Christmas and returned to the great outdoors to await spring planting.

Originally published on November 2nd, 2018. Updated on November 2nd, 2020.