Ornamental Grasses

Ornamental Grasses are beautiful plants that add texture, softness, color, movement and even rustling sound to any garden.  Grasses provide great accents and contrast to flowers and shrubs in the spring and summer months and also provide interest to the fall and winter landscape when other plants have lost their leaves.  Most grasses are sold as container-grown plants in #1 and #5 sizes and are easy to grow and maintain.  At Fort Collins Nursery we have dozens of wonderful varieties to choose from including the following:


Shenandoah Switch Grass

Panicum virgatum ‘Shenandoah’

Height: 4-5 ft.

Width: 23 ft.

Description: Shenandoah Switch Grass is prized for its unmatched foliage color. In the spring, fast growing green leaves emerge with red tips. The leaves darken through the summer and produce airy, reddish-pink plumes before turning burgundy in fall. Shenandoah Switch Grass is perfect for mass background plantings or in containers.

Light: Partial to full sun.
Water: Once established, needs only occasional watering.

Zones: 4-9


Morning Light Miscanthus

Miscanthus sinensis ‘Morning Light’

Height: Plumes reach 6 ft.

Width: 3-4 ft.

Description: Morning Light Miscanthus forms dense clumps of slender, green blades with creamy white margins and mid-veins that create a shimmering silvery appearance. Its reddish seed plumes persist through winter and provide an interesting accent to the bare winterscape. Morning Light Miscanthus adds visual excitement wherever it is used and provides wonderful texture for beds and borders.

Light: Partial to full sun.

Water: Best with regular watering – weekly or more often in extreme heat.

Zones: 5-9


Avalanche Feather Reed Grass

Calamagrostis x acutiflora ‘Avalanche’

Height: 3-4 ft. (Flower stalks 6 ft.)

Width: 1-2 ft.

Description: Avalanche Feather Reed Grass creates stunning vertical effects with feathery stalks that emerge reddish-brown in spring before turning gold in fall. Stiff, variegated foliage with white centers and green margins forms a dense, narrow clump. Avalanche Feather Reed Grass is excellent for use as a landscape accent or a very dramatic mass planting. Its plumes make an attractive addition to cut flower arrangements as well.

Light: Full sun.

Water: Water regularly- weekly, or more often in extreme heat.

Zones: 4-9

Originally published on August 1st, 2018. Updated on August 7th, 2019.