Getting Back to Our Roots

By Jesse Eastman

I can say, without a hint of shame, that I am proud to run a business as old and storied as Fort Collins Nursery. We were founded in 1932 in the midst of The Great Depression. Through thick and thin, we’ve not only survived, but thrived. I’ve spent plenty of time wondering what it must have been like to start a business in the face of such uncertainty, and I’ve always ended these daydreams with gratitude that I got to step into this enterprise long after those tumultuous days. But now, in the face of what is arguably the largest and most rapid disruption to our economy, our society, and our lives in living memory, I find solace in the trials faced by those who brought this nursery to where it is today. 

In spite of all the fear swirling around, it makes me happy that gardening is so therapeutic to so many people. Some people turn to growing vegetables because it gives them a sense of security in the face of the unknown. Some people are intent on beautifying their landscape so their days spent at home are peaceful and serene. Some people simply crave productive activity, and gardening presents the ideal way to stave off cabin fever. 

I’m grateful that so many of you love and support Fort Collins Nursery. This business has been a central theme in my life since the day I was born. Many of the employees here have raised children who only know the nursery – their parents have never worked anywhere else. Many more employees landed seasonal jobs here and just kept coming back until they were regular fixtures in our family. Even more may be just passing through, their own trajectories serendipitously crossing paths with ours at this utterly strange point in history. All of these people depend on this business and on the love of plants shared by all of you. We feel the love always, and now more than ever, your support gets us through each day. 

This business has been around for 88 years. It has seen lifetimes come and go. It has touched lives and has been shaped by each and every person, employees and customers, who have come together here to share their mutual love of plants. I don’t know any way to say this other than Thank You. Fort Collins Nursery grew up from the barren soil of economic crisis into a magical place where we can lose ourselves amongst the flowers and trees. I don’t know what the future holds for us, but if our past can tell us anything about what’s to come, I know there are many more tales that have yet to be written in our story. 


Jesse Eastman

Owner & General Manager

Originally published on April 3rd, 2020.